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About harmful radon and effective radon measurement

Published 2023-09-29

About harmful radon and effective radon measurement

Radon is a radioactive gas that can affect our health. In Sweden, there are an estimated 400,000 homes with excessive radon levels. So how dangerous is radon and how do you identify if the radon level is too high so that you can take action quickly?

– One thing is certain: you want to detect high radon levels as soon as possible. We have taken this into account when developing our radon meter,” says Stefan Carlsson, CEO of Celsicom.

Radon is a radioactive gas produced when the element radium decays in the ground. So-called radon daughters then bud off and attach to dust that we breathe in and get into our lungs. Radon provides the highest exposure to ionizing radiation (high energy electromagnetic radiation).

There may be radon in the ground under and around a building. It is the most common source of radon. Otherwise, radon can be measured in building materials such as concrete, bricks and aerated concrete and in domestic water. Especially in rock drilled wells or cold springs. High radon levels in municipal water are unusual.

Reference levels and risks

The reference level for radon in Sweden is 200 becquerels per cubic meter (Bq/m3). At higher radon levels, property managers should act quickly and take measures to reduce the levels as much as possible.

Long-term exposure to elevated radon levels increases the risk of developing lung cancer. Smokers are particularly at risk of being affected. An estimated 500 lung cancer cases per year can probably be attributed to radon in homes, according to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority.

Stefan Carlsson, CEO of Celsicom

Stable and reliable radon values within one hour.

This allows you to quickly implement radon remediation measures.

Stefan Carlsson

CEO at Celsicom

How to detect radon

Radon cannot be smelled or seen. Measurement is the only way to detect and map the presence of radon in a building. You should measure continuously between October 1 and April 30, i.e. during the heating season. The measurement should be carried out for at least two months – around the clock in different weather conditions to capture variations in temperature, wind conditions, ventilation systems, air circulation and so on. The longer the measurement period, the more accurate the readings.

It is good practice to carry out radon measurements at regular intervals. In particular, you should measure radon if it has been 10 years since the last measurement and if the building has been rebuilt or renovated.

Four different measurements of radon

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has produced method descriptions for radon measurement in homes and workplaces. These descriptions emphasize that all spaces should be used as usual during the measurement. For example, the heating and ventilation settings are just as usual. There are essentially four different types of measurements, all performed over different periods of time: long-term measurement, follow-up measurement, short-term measurement and instantaneous measurement. These methods are described here in brief.

Long-term measurement is the overall method for radon measurement in homes and workplaces. It is done with tracer film canisters deployed to capture radon daughters (see explanation above) over a measurement period of at least two months. The results of the measurement are then sent to a lab for analysis.

Follow-up measurements are made in cases where long-term measurements are believed to have overestimated the radon level in, for example, a workplace. As a complement, a follow-up measurement is then carried out for at least seven days and five working days in order to also obtain measurement data during evenings and nights (when many people usually reduce or turn off ventilation, which can lead to an increase in radon levels) in order to obtain a more accurate picture of radon levels.

Short-term measurement is an option in cases where a long-term measurement cannot be carried out for some reason. Can be selected to measure radon levels in workplaces with temporary work periods. The measurement shall last for at least five working days. Short-term measurement can also be used to provide an indication of whether an ongoing radon remediation project is progressing according to plan.

Instantaneous measurement is a direct measurement of radon levels during working hours. The measurement is made over a short period of time, usually a few hours. The measurement uncertainty for instantaneous measurement is greater than for the other measurement methods.

“Stable and reliable radon values within one hour”

For several years, Celsicom has developed and launched a range of smart measurement boxes for different measurement sizes. One of these is the Celsicom THR600 radon meter (read more below).

– It is a great complement to the long-term measurement of radon. The box is easy to set up. And you have stable and reliable radon values within an hour. This allows you to quickly implement radon remediation measures,” says Stefan Carlsson, CEO of Celsicom.

He adds that the Celsicom box is also a very valuable tool during remediation.

– You can follow the process hour by hour and see if your actions are effective. Simply ensure that the remediation is proceeding according to plan and the radon levels are gradually decreasing.

What you need to start measuring radon

Fast and accurate mapping

The Celsicom THR600 is a directly connected measurement box for reliable, cloud-based remote radon measurement. All measurement data is sent via a dedicated, reliable frequency in the mobile network. It allows you to view current radon levels on your phone, tablet or computer at any time. The measurement box meets the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority’s requirements for radon measurement. It can also measure temperature and relative humidity.

Read more about THR600

Secure, unlimited cloud storage of measurement data

Your radon values (and any temperature and humidity measurements) are automatically stored in the Celsiview cloud service. All measurement data is saved in the cloud for the duration of your subscription. The box also has a backup memory in case of mobile coverage failures. In Celsiview, you can easily obtain average radon levels and create attractive reports in Excel and PDF format.

Read more about Celsiview

Discover other Celsicom meter boxes

The Celsicom product family also offers measurement boxes for accurate measurement and analysis of other quantities such as temperature, humidity and differential pressure to ensure safe and optimal environments in many different industries.

Companies operating in sectors such as construction, real estate, moisture damage management and the food industry benefit greatly from Celsicom’s flexible and precise measurement boxes. Whether you need to ensure indoor air quality, monitor workplace conditions or meet critical environmental parameters, Celsicom can help you do so with the highest accuracy and reliability.

Curious about the user-friendly, reliable and versatile Celsicom? Read more here!


Application: Radon and effective radon measurements

Measurement solution: Celsicom THR600 and Celsiview

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