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Automatic measurement reports with Saveris systems

Published 2022-12-09

Automatic measurement reports with Saveris systems

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Temperature reports are important and highly demanding documentation. Mainly in the context of food and pharmaceutical handling, but also in other areas. Are you responsible for the temperature reports in your business and may feel that you don’t have enough time?

Would you need a solution where all measurement data is collected and packaged in a smart and neat way? Do you want to be able to send documentation to clients or authorities? Do you want to avoid compiling data yourself from different measurement points and be able to access your measurements at the touch of a button? Solutions exist and are not far away! Here you can read about testo Saveris 2 and testo Saveris 1 – two systems for remote monitoring of measured values.

testo Saveris 2

WiFi data loggers with flexible and free cloud service
Many people want quick access and reporting, but don’t want to manage documentation in their own local IT system. Then the WiFi loggers of the testo Saveris 2 series are an excellent option. It is a very competent logger solution where each measuring point is affordable even in small systems.

Saveris 2 phone computer

At the heart of the system is a cloud solution that is easy to access from anywhere with an internet connection. Measured values, reception of alarms, etc. can be viewed and managed on a mobile phone or computer.

Is there a space where you wonder if the temperature is really stable? Are there moisture-sensitive products in the premises? This can be monitored and logged with testo Saveris 2. It is easy to set up alarms and create automatic reports. History is available as soon as the measurement data is searchable.

Real life examples
One of our customers had problems with a refrigeration compressor on the roof of the building sometimes stopping for no reason, resulting in damage to the products stored in the cold room. In one of the testo Saveris 2 loggers it is possible to connect a sensor that detects when a circuit is closed or opened. This came in handy in this case. When the compressor stopped, the customer received a text message and was able to send a repairman before hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sensitive products were damaged. A good solution in this case to complement the usual temperature monitoring.

saveris 2-t3 mirrored

testo Saveris 2 consists of WiFi data loggers in various designs – with internal or external sensors – all with technical data and accuracies that make them suitable for truly advanced measurement. In combination with calibration, measurement reliability is further increased. The sensor range is wide, which means that the testo Saveris 2 can handle a lot of things.

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testo Saveris 1

Do you want full control of all measurement data in your own computer or server environment?
In that case, our testo Saveris 1 system is what you want. The heart is a base unit used in conjunction with software in a PC or server. testo Saveris 1 is suitable whether the company is small with limited resources or large with high demands on IT security. The software is available in a CFR part 11 validatable version that supports GxP.

Secure storage of measured values
The system collects all measurement data via radio or network sensors that communicate with the base unit. All data is also buffered in the sensors’ internal memories, providing double security. In the event of a power failure, all measurements are stored in the radio sensors and then transmitted when the system is restored. If the server (or communication to it) fails, all measurement data from the entire system is stored in the base until the problem is resolved. Everything is reported to the SQL database included in testo Saveris 1 and saved there. All this information is searchable and can be obtained either as automatic daily/weekly/monthly reporting and/or as special reports on a case-by-case basis.

saveris 3 base logs computer

Read locally with a PC or remotely via the internet
It is also possible to order your testo Saveris 1 base with a GSM module and thus obtain SMS alarms. It’s a smart solution that gives you more time on your side. If the limit values are exceeded, attention is drawn immediately. testo Saveris 1 fits into advanced environments and can be configured to connect to multiple geographically separated locations via the internet and VPN. In really large testo Saveris 1 systems, more base units can be used. The system requires modest system resources/computing power to keep costs down. testo Saveris 1 can be made remotely readable, but not via a cloud account but via a web extension installed on your own server. The company’s IT department has ample opportunity to configure as it sees fit and make measurement information available to those who need it.

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testo Saveris 2 and testo Saveris 1 are two systems that help you collect measured values automatically. Which one you choose depends on your and your company’s requirements. In any case, automation that makes everyday life easier and the possibility of good document management and archiving will make your job more fun and easier!

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