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Find the energy villains and reduce heating costs

Published 2023-11-16

Find the energy villains and reduce heating costs

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The thermal imaging camera is a versatile working tool to say the least. With its detailed thermal images, you can ensure optimal indoor climates for people, equipment and machinery. And, more importantly, you have an opportunity to detect and fix costly energy wasters. Still high electricity prices make this undeniably interesting, right?

The colder the weather, the clearer the thermal images.

It is worth taking thermographic measurements of facades and indoor environments at regular intervals. However, in spring and summer it can be difficult to detect cold drafts or heat leaks. The reason is that the outdoor and indoor temperatures are too close together, which means that any problem areas are not as visible on the camera screen.

In other words, thermography is most effective with larger temperature differences outside and inside the objects being measured. When there is a difference of around 10 degrees between indoor and outdoor temperatures, powerful ‘flower patterns’ often appear on thermal images. They indicate leaks in the house shell where there is a risk of cold air entering or hot air escaping.

Practical conditions

In addition to a temperature difference of 10°C between outside and inside, these conditions should be met in order to obtain reliable thermal images:

  • There should be stable temperature conditions
  • Sun or other point sources of heat shall not illuminate the measuring surface.
  • The surface to be measured must not be rain-soaked or damp.
  • Make sure you have enough time to take and analyze pictures in peace and quiet.

Common problematic surfaces

The high electricity prices of recent years make thermography extremely valuable. IR measurement and detailed thermal images are an effective weapon in the fight against energy costs. A thermal imaging camera from Testo is a relatively small investment that quickly pays for itself.

At the touch of a button you are up and running and measuring. Either from outside or inside the property. You will usually find thermal bridges in ceilings and walls, balconies and attics, and heavy intermediate floors. It may also be worth focusing on surfaces around doors and windows. Often cold spots and heat leakage are due to defective, carelessly installed or non-existent insulation.

After taking a thermal image, you can analyze it either on the camera’s screen or on your computer, and then present the results to the person making the decision on what to do about the energy loss.

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Which model suits you?

Our thermal imaging cameras from Testo offer top-notch image quality, free software and a range of smart features to help you find even the smallest thermal bridges and heat leaks. There are camera models for different needs and budgets. Here you can explore the range of thermal imaging cameras and applications.

How does it work?

Interested in learning more about the technology behind IR measurement and thermal imaging? Then we suggest you check out our fact page on thermography.

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Basic thermography course included

When you buy a thermal imaging camera from us, a free full-day course in thermography is included. An expert in the field gives a theoretical briefing, explains what you can detect with a thermal imaging camera and highlights common errors in thermography. You will then practice measuring and analyzing thermal images. Read more and book here.

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Application: Localizing cold and heat leaks – costly energy losses

Measurement solution: Thermal imaging cameras from Testo

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