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Full control of building moisture and dehumidification remotely

Published 2022-12-19

Full control of building moisture and dehumidification remotely

Celsicom Building Moisture TH601A TH601B

Our compact, robust Celsicom meter boxes give you full control of moisture on construction sites or after water damage in a property. You can view updated measurement data directly on your phone at any time.

Remote monitoring of building moisture

The Celsicom TH601A and TH601B measurement boxes provide you with convenient and reliable monitoring of moisture remaining in wood materials and concrete slabs on construction sites. By logging in to the Celsiview cloud service on your mobile phone, tablet or computer, you can quickly access current measurements.

The TH601A is equipped with a 0.4 meter external cable sensor while the TH601B has a 2.0 meter external cable sensor. Both are robust measurement boxes that can measure moisture in harsh environments, such as a concrete slab using the RF method, for a long time. A specially adjusted sensor can be purchased for the 75-95 %RH range to achieve maximum accuracy.

Remote monitoring of dehumidification

The measuring boxes are also ideal for accurately monitoring the moisture situation after water damage in different types of properties. Depending on the extent of the water damage, the moisture monitoring boxes are installed in the concrete structures. You can then easily follow the dehumidification process remotely on your phone, tablet or computer.

By setting alarm limits, you will automatically receive a text message or email when dehumidification is complete. You can also look at the dehumidification curve to estimate when moisture values are expected to be reached and thus plan further restoration work. All this avoids unnecessary trips to measure and document progress on site with portable moisture meters, saving you time and money.

What you need to start measuring building moisture

Celsicom Easy Connect TH601A-B

Celsicom TH601A and TH601B with fixed cable sensor

  • Directly connected and battery-operated measuring boxes
  • Fixed cable sensor at 0.4 m (A model) and 2.0 m (B model).
  • Measures both temperature and humidity
  • Measuring range: -30 °C … +70 °C and 0 … 100 %RH
  • Measurement data is stored for up to 36 months in the Celsiview cloud service.

Read more about TH601A

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The Celsiview cloud service

The storage of measurement data in the Celsiview cloud service costs SEK 19 per month per box. This includes the cost of all data traffic. All measurements are stored in the cloud for up to 36 months. Click the button below and check out the cloud service (select “Demo EasyConnect” in the login window that appears).

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