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Is your indoor air drier than in the Sahara?

Published 2022-12-12

Is your indoor air drier than in the Sahara?

Nordtec dry indoor air

Dry indoor air in winter can lead to problems for both people and production environments. To detect and, as far as possible, remedy this, it is a good idea to measure and preferably log air temperature and humidity over a longer period.

The dry air means that people can experience problems with dry eyes, dry skin and irritated airways. In production environments, dry air can lead to the generation of static electricity. In the electronics and plastics industries, for example, electric shock discharge (ESD) can cause major problems in production.

Some of these problems can be solved by installing a humidifier, for example, but in order to establish the situation, it is good to first measure and, as I said, preferably to log air temperature and humidity over a longer period of time. This makes it possible to see how the values change after any measures to increase the moisture content of the air. Last in this article, we show you some data loggers to help you keep track of the dry air.

Moisture – an important measurement parameter

Moisture diagram with bacilli

This diagram shows how people and materials are affected by ambient humidity.

For us humans, it is about avoiding ill health. For materials, this may involve avoiding disruptions in manufacturing processes or storing in a climate that provides the best durability.

Humidity levels can fluctuate rapidly, a 10°C drop in outdoor temperature can reduce indoor humidity by almost 15%RH. Measurement provides knowledge of the situation and the ability to influence it.

Cold outside means dry inside

Dry climate indoor air

The table shows what happens when humid outdoor air is brought in and heated to 22°C. For example when outdoor air with 80 % humidity and a temperature of -5 °C enters and is heated to +22 °C, the relative humidity drops dramatically to only 14 %RH. An average humidity in the Sahara is around 25 %RH!

Data loggers that give you control of the dry air.

testo saveris2 application

testo Saveris 2-H1
A proven WiFi data logger with integrated temperature and humidity sensor. Analyze humidity directly on your phone, computer or tablet.

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testo 175h1 Application dry air

testo 175-H1
A very robust and durable data logger for temperature and humidity. The large display shows current readings, min/max, alarms and logging status.

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testo 174h Application dry air

Starter kit with testo 174-H
A miniature moisture data logger that fits everywhere. The measurement kit includes the data logger, a USB interface and a wall holder.

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