Calibration of moisture meters


Accurate, reliable moisture measurement is important in many environments. A steady stream of moisture meters pass through our calibration lab all the time. For these calibrations we use several huminators (humidity chambers), the Thunder humidity generator, a calibration box and a fixed resistance calibration plate.


  • Accredited calibration according to ISO 17025
  • Lab and field calibration
  • Measuring range 1: 5 … 95 %RH at +15 … +40 °C.
    (both lab and field)
  • Measurement range 2: 10 … 95 %RH at 0 … +70 °C
    (only in labs – high accuracy)

In cooperation with several partners, we offer calibration of measuring points also in other ranges.

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Humidity sensor in the Thunder cabinet


We accept most types of moisture measuring instruments, data loggers, transmitters and pressure dew point meters and issue a wide range of calibration certificates.

Testo Industrial Services


Together with Testo Industrial Services (TIS) we can also issue special proofs and certificates, for example in extreme areas or with a measurement uncertainty down to only 0.2 %RH. Please contact us for more information and prices on these calibration services.

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