The Access calibration portal

Full control of your calibrated instruments.

Access is the name of the web portal for our calibration service. It makes it easy for you to book instrument and sensor calibrations and see all your certificates or evidence.

But what is Access?

Thanks to Access, we can manage all calibrations in an efficient way while simplifying your everyday life. You can access the calibration portal here on our website. You don’t need to create an account to book a calibration, but doing so will save you from having to fill in information about you and your instruments the next time a calibration is due. When almost a year has passed since we calibrated your measuring product, you will automatically receive an email offering a new calibration. You can also choose the time interval for your calibrations.

QR codes with valuable information

All instruments and sensors that you send to us for calibration are provided with a small QR code label. The next time we receive the same measurement product, we simply scan the QR code to see all the details about you, the instrument/sensor and previous calibrations.

Scan and view your calibration certificate

QR codes not only make it easier for us to manage your instruments and sensors. They also give you access to the same valuable information. By scanning a QR code with your phone, you can quickly access the current certificate or proof for a specific measurement product. Ideal if you want to check the status of your instruments and sensors for internal use or if you need to demonstrate compliance with calibration requirements during an inspection.

Certificates/evidence in secure PDF format

After calibration, we create a certificate or proof for each instrument and sensor. We then email these documents to you in the form of encrypted and locked PDFs when we send back your calibrated measurement products.

Keep everything together in Access+

If you have many instruments and sensors, we suggest you get Access+. This is our premium service that gives you easy access to all your calibration data. Everything is gathered in an instrument database with a perfect overview of serial numbers, sensor numbers, which instruments belong together and calibration certificates for each instrument. You can see the last calibration date and which calibration intervals apply to the instrument. All in all, Access + is a convenient solution for slightly larger companies that have many measuring instruments and are unable to keep track of all the equipment. In many cases, the alternative is an outdated computer system or long, complicated Excel sheets. This headache is eliminated with Access +, which automatically updates certificates and all other important information. ■