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Nordbygg 2024

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Competition with testo 108 as a prize

Make a success at the barbecue this summer.

Want to create food art and impress the neighbors? At our stand you have the opportunity to compete and win the testo 108 professional thermometer. Perfect for grilling on the patio, cooking and baking in the kitchen. The thermometer is a favorite among many chefs who appreciate getting accurate temperatures for food and baked goods quickly. If you can’t wait for Nordbygg – click below to read more about and buy the testo 108.

The testo 108 cooking thermometer

Robust and water-resistant, easy-to-use and highly accurate food thermometer with a thin, super-fast needle sensor.

Read more and buy it here >>

Smart, future-proof measurement solutions for the entire life cycle of buildings.

It’s finally time for Nordbygg! We are excited and will show many exciting measuring instruments and systems during the fair. Measurement solutions that help you keep track of important values at all times. So you can meet increasingly tight deadlines and cut costs at the same time. And monitor key indoor environments to ensure that people, machines and products are in the best possible climate. What challenges do you face? Come to our stand and we will help you choose the right solution to match your measurement needs. Both today and tomorrow. A warm welcome!

Empty office

Indoor climate and ventilation

Explore measurement solutions that help you ensure comfortable and productive indoor environments with low energy losses and good operating economy.


Cooling & testo Smart app

Cooling and heating

With our connected and intuitive measurement products, complex cooling and heating jobs are a thing of the past. You perform all tasks more easily and quickly.

Concrete pouring in progress

Concrete and construction

Calculation of concrete strength, moisture control in materials and construction environments, monitoring moisture remediation… What do you need to measure on a construction site or in a property?


Linda Wiman

Accredited lab and field calibrations

Choose what suits you best: calibration of measuring equipment in our lab or on your premises. We offer calibration of the most common measurement quantities.

Meet our product specialists at the fair

Here are the people who will be at Nordtec’s stand at Nordbygg. Stop by for a demonstration of measurement products that may be of interest to you or if you want help with a specific measurement problem.

testo 417 application picture intake grid

Cooling/Heating, Energy & Climate

Pelle Pedersen

“The testo 560i refrigerant scale will undoubtedly revolutionize the everyday life of refrigeration technicians”

pelle.pedersen (at)
031-704 10 79

IAQ measurement new compact class

Construction, Ventilation & Climate

Mats Landin

“The testo Smart app turns your mobile into a truly effective measurement and analysis tool.”

mats.landin (at)
031-704 10 85

IAQ measurement new compact class

Food & Life sciences

Amanda Lööv Miljevic

“Small, discrete data loggers can really make a big difference in temperature-critical environments.”

amanda.loovmiljevic (at)
031-704 10 75

IAQ measurement new compact class

Food & Life sciences

Ove Södergren

“Saveris 1 or Saveris 2 measurement system – your needs for flexibility and data security decide.”

ove.sodergren (at)
031-704 10 76

IAQ measurement new compact class

Construction, Ventilation & Climate

Jens Åkervall

“Our connected, cloud-based measurement solutions are increasingly in demand in construction and real estate.”

jens.akervall (at)
031-704 10 80

Our services

testo 417 application picture intake grid


If you want to know more about how reliable your measurements are, whether you are using the right measurement method and how to interpret measurement results, you should definitely take a look at our courses.

IAQ measurement new compact class


We offer lab and field calibration of measuring equipment from all brands. We are accredited for the calibration of temperature, humidity, over/under pressure and differential pressure.

Measuring with new compact class pitot tubes


In our well-equipped workshop, we can weld sensors, check for suspected leaks, replace broken screens and circuit boards – to name a few common service issues.

Surface temperature measurement with the new compact class


What do you need help with? You are always welcome to visit, email or call us. We always aim to help you as quickly as possible.