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The new compact class

Compact and smart measuring instruments

Made to make it easy.

Discover our range of connected and easy-to-use measuring instruments that give you accurate values in any situation. Quick and easy. Directly on your phone, if you wish. Measurement doesn’t get any easier than this.

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Smart measurement solutions from Testo:
11 measuring instruments. 9 measurement parameters.
1 app. Endless possibilities.

Turn on the instrument, measure and before you know it you have a result. All instruments are packed with features and technology for smooth and accurate measurement.

In addition to providing you with reliable measurement data quickly, we have ensured that you can work smart and always have all possible values at your fingertips. This becomes a reality by connecting your new measuring instrument to the free testo Smart app on your mobile phone.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make it easy for you.

Overview of the new compact class campaign

The app that really lives up to its name.

The testo Smart app is free to download and is available on both the App Store and Google Play. It allows you to have access to all current measurement data at all times. You can do this using the app:

  • Configuring your measuring instruments
  • See graphical measurement value curves
  • Store all measurement data
  • Managing customers and measurement sites
  • Document all measurement jobs
  • Emailing reports to customers
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Measure with the new compact class.

testo 417 application picture intake grid

Ventilation system

You can easily measure air velocity and air flow in ducts and at diffusers and get good support in adjusting ventilation systems.

IAQ measurement new compact class

Comfort level

The climate instruments give you quick and reliable values for carbon dioxide, illuminance, temperature and humidity.

Measuring with new compact class pitot tubes

Pressure measurement

The new instruments are ideal for maintenance work on heating systems, checking filters and measuring with pitot tubes.

Surface temperature measurement with the new compact class


Effective measurement of differential temperature and temperature is no problem. Even when it comes to low temperatures in sensitive environments.

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Our services

testo 417 application picture intake grid


If you want to learn more about how safe your measurements are, whether you are using the right measurement method and how to interpret measurement results, you should definitely check out our courses.

IAQ measurement new compact class


We offer lab and field calibration of all makes of measuring equipment. We are accredited for the calibration of temperature, humidity, over/under pressure and differential pressure.

Measuring with new compact class pitot tubes


In our well-equipped workshop, we can weld sensors, check for suspected leaks, replace broken screens and circuit boards – to name a few common service issues.

Surface temperature measurement with the new compact class


What do you need help with? You are always welcome to visit, email or call us. We always aim to help you as quickly as possible.