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Unique refrigerant scale

Automatically charges exactly the right amount of refrigerant.

Digital refrigerant scale testo 560i with smart solenoid valve.

Unique in the world and a dream for refrigeration engineers

The testo 560i digital scale together with a smart solenoid valve takes refrigerant charging to a whole new level. All you have to do is select the desired target value by weight or alternatively overheating or undercooling – two unique setting options.

The chiller or heat pump is then automatically charged with exactly the right amount of refrigerant. The solenoid valve ensures that the refrigerant is pulsed into the refrigeration or heat pump system, keeping it in gaseous form as much as possible.

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It is as simple as this.

  1. Connect the scale and valve as well as a pressure gauge rack and a refrigerant bottle to the refrigeration or heat pump system.
  2. Turn on the scale, valve and manometer stand and open the testo Smart app on your phone – all devices are automatically connected to each other via Bluetooth.
  3. Select filling program: sub-cooling, overheating or weight
  4. Enter the desired target value, for example subcooling of 1.7 K.
  5. The scale, valve, manometer rack and app now take care of everything. On your phone, you can check the progress of the refill from time to time.
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testo Smart apps.

Both scale and valve have stable Bluetooth connectivity and are powered by replaceable batteries and have a long operating time. They are compatible with the testo Smart app which gives you a clear overview of the filling process and the ability to store all important measurement values.

The testo Smart app is available on Google Play and the App Store. It is free to download and use.

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Work easily with the new wave.

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High precision

The testo 560i can weigh up to 100 kilograms of refrigerant with an accuracy of ±10 grams.

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Reliable construction

A robust design allows the refrigerant scale to withstand use in harsh environments.

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Easy handling

The digital scale is light and flexible. It has a practical handle and a sturdy shoulder bag.

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We offer lab and field calibration of all makes of measuring equipment. We are accredited for the calibration of temperature, humidity, over/under pressure and differential pressure.

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In our well-equipped workshop, we can weld sensors, check for suspected leaks, replace broken screens and circuit boards – to name a few common service issues.

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