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Climate monitoring in sensitive indoor environments worldwide

Published 2022-08-17

Climate monitoring in sensitive indoor environments worldwide

Smart Wi-Fi data loggers from Testo have been trusted over the years to monitor the climate in many sensitive indoor environments. Here are some of the many famous and prestigious environments where these connected, reliable and discreet loggers keep a close eye on the right indoor climate in different spaces.

Munch paintings worth €10 million
For the first time, the Munch Museum displays an original work outside the museum. It is travelers at Oslo Airport who will be able to enjoy this experience for the next ten years. Avinor and the Munch Museum have signed a 10-year agreement to display original works by one of Norway’s foremost artists – Edvard Munch – at Oslo Airport. With this, Munch Museum and Oslo Airport want to give travelers an unusual and surprising experience. Wifi data loggers testo 160 THL are used to monitor climate and light conditions in the exhibition. As a first result, testo 160 THL revealed that the climate control sensor system monitoring the exhibition stand deviated from the specifications. The monitoring system has thus already proved its importance at the start of this 10-year project.

Australia’s National Maritime Center
The Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) is Australia’s national center for maritime collections, exhibitions, research and archaeology. The museum has a varied program of stimulating exhibitions and events to share Australia’s maritime history, linked to the stories, objects, people and places that are part of Australia’s history. The museum previously used the testo 174 H & 175 H data loggers in its museums. However, since the launch of the testo 160, ANMM has acquired over 30 testo 160 data loggers (2 pcs 160 THL, 16 pcs 160 TH, 12 pcs 160 THE, 2 pcs external Lux and UV sensors, 10 pcs external Lux sensors and 4 external temperature and humidity sensors). The testo 160 loggers have been placed throughout the museum to monitor temperature, humidity and light.

One of the largest libraries in the world
The Shanghai Library is one of the ten largest libraries in the world in terms of floor space at 83,000 square meters. It has huge collections totaling 51 million items, containing everything from paper originals, audio and video recordings to digital databases. The testo 160 TH Wi-Fi data loggers are used to monitor ambient climate conditions in exhibition rooms and stands.

World Heritage-listed royal castle in Italy
The Royal Palace Venaria Reale is one of many built by the court of Savoy around the residence city of Turin in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. It is also the second largest castle in Italy. Here, the property manager has chosen a mix of standard loggers like the testo 175 H and Wi-Fi data loggers like the testo 160 TH because the castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and does not allow the installation of a network in all parts of the building.

Precious works of art at the Tate Gallery
The Tate Gallery in St. Yves, UK, opened in October 2017 after a four-year construction project. This includes a new exhibition portraying the iconic 20th century artists who lived and worked in the city. With over 60 testo 160 logs of mixed types, the gallery can ensure it has the right conditions to protect and preserve any precious artwork.

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Currently has 5 testo 160 loggers and 10 testo Saveris 2 loggers used for climate monitoring of exhibition rooms and warehouses.

The testo 160 wireless WiFi data logger monitors key climate parameters which are automatically transmitted and stored in the free Testo Cloud service. The cover can be painted to make the logger blend in with its surroundings.

National Gallery of Victoria, Australia
Has acquired over 14 testo 160 loggers to monitor its conservation and lending areas.

Santa Maria di Collemaggio, Italy
Has installed over 10 testo 160 IAQ loggers to monitor climate and air quality in the medieval church.

The Louvre Art Museum in Paris, France
Have ordered a first batch of testo 160 logs.

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