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Easy climate monitoring in scattered churches

Kyrka Celsicom

Published 2024-06-04

Easy climate monitoring in scattered churches

Church in general Celsicom

The Church of Sweden Örebro Pastorate actively monitors the indoor climate in a large number of churches and office buildings. As part of this work, building technician Johan Asplund uses Celsicom loggers.

The pastorate aims to reduce heating costs by 15% – without sacrificing optimal climates for people, furnishings and equipment. This means that it should be +20 C° in offices, +18 C° in sacristy rooms and +13 C° in church rooms.

“Better control of metrics”
It is important that these temperature levels are maintained. Altar linens and vestments are sensitive to low temperatures (and high humidity, RH). The same applies to paintings, wooden sculptures and metal objects.
– With the help of the Celsicom loggers, we can have better control of different metrics,” says Johan Asplund.

Churches are temporarily heated
To keep energy costs down, some churches are not fully heated at all times. Instead, the heat is raised during church services and other ceremonies. The Celsicom logs give Asplund answers to how long before the heating needs to be turned up so that the right temperature is reached at the right time, and how the RH value in the church room is affected by time-limited heating.

Johan and his colleagues receive automatic alerts via SMS or email if limits are exceeded.

– This makes the logs particularly useful because the churches are so geographically dispersed. If I see that the temperature is about to drop a lot in a room, I can go there quickly and check if there is a problem with the power supply or if a radiator has failed.


Directly connected moisture and temperature monitoring

Model TH600 has a compact, moisture-resistant enclosure and has internal sensors for humidity and temperature. A typical application could be remote monitoring of building climate and humidity.

Celsicom TH600

Church of Sweden Örebro pastorate

Activities: Consists of eight parishes with a total of thirteen churches as well as chapels, parish houses and office buildings.

Measuring solution: Connected, wireless and battery-powered Celsicom TH600 loggers for remote temperature and humidity measurement.

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