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Gives you the whole picture and makes any job easier

Published 2022-07-21

Gives you the whole picture and makes any job easier

Thermal imaging camera testo 883 and bag

For Erik Eskilsson at HSB, a really sharp thermal imaging camera is an indispensable tool for quickly tackling different jobs.

– “A thermal imaging camera like the testo 883 is a must for us to be able to quickly locate any sources of heat or cold loss,” says Erik, who appreciates the camera’s reporting function and unexpected ability to penetrate buildings and detect defects.

Erik Eskilsson is an operational technician in energy services at HSB Göta. In an area stretching from Jönköping to Halmstad, Erik works to investigate and fix business premises and apartments that are either too cold or too hot. Most of the time, it is about finding possible sources of faults that cause draughts and cold that tenants complain about.

A thermal imaging camera is an important tool for troubleshooting. Its detailed thermal images become unmistakable evidence of how things really are. Erik previously used a simple pocket model to, for example, detect leaks that cause houses to cool down.

A good thermal imaging camera like the testo 883 is a must.

The thermal imaging camera allows HSB to quickly locate any sources of heat or cold loss.

Erik Eskilsson

Operations technician at HSB Göta

However, the thermal imaging camera had its limitations and led Erik and his colleagues to explore the market for a more accurate camera with more features. After careful consideration, the choice finally fell on testo 883.

– A contributing factor was the possibility to set the emission factor (different materials have different heat emission) more accurately when reading metals and other different materials, to get more reliable thermal images. testo 883 also allows us to work more with electricity, such as measuring in power stations. For example, we carry out many preventive checks for housing associations where we check the distribution of electrical loads,” says Erik.

Checking charging points for electric cars

He adds that the growing electric car market results in more and more jobs to check loads and fuses in charging stations. The increased number of photovoltaic stations also provides more jobs.

– By sweeping with the testo 883, we quickly see if, for example, fuses are overloaded.

Before Erik started using the new thermal imaging camera, he attended a day course in thermography at Nordtec, which is always included in the purchase of a thermal imaging camera from us.

Erik thinks the course gave him new insights into thermal radiation and – not least – taught him how to use the camera properly to reach its full potential.

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