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Mapping helps Strömberg grow

Published 2022-08-09

Mapping helps Strömberg grow

Strömberg warehouse with lift

The Nordic logistics company Strömberg is aiming for expansion in medical technology. With the help of mapping of temperature levels, so-called mapping, carried out by Nordtec, Strömberg has acquired knowledge about how to create a perfect indoor climate that meets the high demands of both customers and authorities.

Strömberg has made an impressive journey. In 40 years, it has gone from a small basement company focusing on personalized mailings of financial information to a full-service partner in printing, warehousing and distribution.

The company management, a digital printing and finishing facility and logistics center are located in Flemingsberg, while the main warehouse is in Jordbro (both in southern Stockholm). In addition, Strömberg has a small printing plant and warehouse in Sandviken and logistics centers in Norway, Denmark and Finland. Strömberg provides a total of 30,000 pallet spaces across the Nordic region.

All areas of activity are permeated by a sustainability mindset. Everything from demand-driven production in the print shop to environmentally friendly transportation and – not least – climate-smart operation. As concrete evidence of this, Strömberg is one of the few in the industry to have its own wind turbine that produces the electricity that powers the facilities.

Robert Peart at Strömberg

We have learned a lot and built up a bank of skills.

Strömberg’s journey: from a basement company to a Nordic logistics partner with 30,000 pallet spaces.

Robert Peart

Purchasing and property manager

What do you store and distribute?
– Historically, we have been very print-oriented. We still print and store a lot of promotional material, but in recent years we have also started to stock various products in the medical technology sector. It was in connection with this that we came into contact with Nordtec,” says Purchasing and Real Estate Manager Robert Peart and continues:

– The growth of this customer segment has brought new requirements, including stock mapping, from both customers and the relevant authorities. With its expertise, Nordtec has helped us to meet the requirements that have steadily increased in recent years.

Several of Strömberg’s logistics centers in both Sweden and Denmark have received a thorough review of temperature levels. The layers have been mapped in both summer and winter to ensure stable indoor climates as temperatures rise and fall outside. Robert Peart feels that all mappings have gone smoothly with minimal pre- and post-work for him and his colleagues at Strömberg.

– Above all, these processes have strengthened our belief that we have the right partner when it comes to temperature and humidity measurement, mapping issues, calibration issues, instrument issues, software issues… When I discovered 3-4 years ago what Nordtec could offer in the form of a calibrated and validatable remote monitoring system (testo Saveris 1, editor’s note), I was immediately convinced that it was the right step to take for us in our journey to retain and develop our customers in medical technology.

What have you learned from all the maps?
– We have learned where there are differences in temperature and humidity in the buildings. Together with Nordtec, we have discussed and received advice on how to place products in environments where they are shielded from external influences such as frequently opened roller doors that cause climate change.

Strömberg's warehouse in Jordbro
– The mapping has taught us where there are differences in temperature and humidity,” says Robert Peart.

Robert Peart says that going forward, Strömberg aims to further strengthen its position as a safe and reliable logistics partner in medical technology.

– Over 5-6 years, we have learned a lot and built up a bank of expertise in the medical device industry. We can share this knowledge. Both for new entrants to the industry and for established players who may be planning to expand their product range, but who do not really know what is required to store these products in an optimal and approved way.

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