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Measurement technology important piece of the puzzle in Vitrolife’s expansion


Published 2024-05-14

Measurement technology important piece of the puzzle in Vitrolife’s expansion

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There is an increasing demand for IVF treatments worldwide. This means that the medtech company Vitrolife’s growth journey continues. A key prerequisite for further expansion is continuous, safe and accurate climate monitoring in a wide range of environments.

Since its inception in 1994 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Vitrolife has developed into an international company that develops and manufactures products used for in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. In 2011, Vitrolife acquired Igenomix, a leader in reproductive genetic testing mainly for IVF clinics. Together they are now Vitrolife Group, a global leader in reproductive health. Today, the company has manufacturing and laboratory operations in Europe, the United States and Asia. The group employs 1 100 people and is present in nearly 130 markets around the world.

Group management, as well as significant development work and manufacturing, remain in Gothenburg. It produces media, i.e. nutrient solutions that provide embryos with optimal environments during IVF treatments. Other major products are pipettes and aspiration needles of various dimensions used for handling eggs and embryos.

“We measure quite broadly”
– Our products need to be tested and stored safely, which means that we need to keep a close eye on temperatures in particular,” says Mattias Uddén, Head of Technology at Vitrolife.

It involves extensive measurements of temperatures in different refrigeration and freezing environments. Furthermore, heating conditions and humidity are monitored in many incubators, as well as temperature levels in clean rooms and storage areas.

– In other words, we measure quite broadly, says Mattias Uddén.

To keep track of all climates in critical environments, Uddén and his colleagues use the testo Saveris 1 measurement system. The customized system at Vitrolife consists of about 80 deployed data loggers that continuously deliver data from over a hundred measuring points.

Sven Jacobsson

Having a validated measurement system is reassuring.

Mattias Uddén

Head of Technology at Vitrolife

Simple and user-friendly
Last fall, Vitrolife decided to upgrade the measurement system. Much of the existing measurement equipment (dating from 2014) was retained and supplemented with the very latest measurement technology from Testo. “Both financially and from a sustainability perspective, it felt good to be able to combine old and new donors,” says Mattias Uddén.

– “What I like about the Saveris system is that it’s easy to understand and user-friendly,” he says and continues:

– We can calibrate equipment ourselves, replace sensors and add new sensors relatively painlessly.

In connection with the update of the measurement system, Nordtec was hired to perform a validation. That is, a comprehensive review of the system down to the smallest detail. Having a validated measurement system feels safe, says Mattias Uddén.

Validation increased knowledge
– After many years of use with moving sensors and documentation that did not quite keep up, it was nice to get the whole system validated. In this way, we can ensure that measurements, data storage and related functions work properly,” says Mattias and continues:

– We now have clear maps of where all the sensors are located and all my technicians have increased their knowledge of the system. It is not locked in that a few can check things out but the whole group can do it.

One of the reasons why Vitrolife has chosen to invest in testo Saveris 1 is the possibility of receiving automatic alarms via SMS and alarms at specified limit values. Stable cooling, freezing and heating climates are essential for the medtech company. The slightest increase or decrease in temperature and humidity is devastating for the quality of IVF products.

– During office hours, we are the technicians who keep track. After 6 p.m., we have an emergency response team that receives any limit value alarms. When it comes to cold rooms, we need to be able to act immediately. That’s why we have chosen to hire an external company that is on call and can respond quickly if necessary,” says Mattias Uddén.

Increased measurement needs for new processes
Although Vitrolife has experienced impressive growth in recent years, it has no plans to slow down. On the contrary, a lot will happen in the coming years. Among other things, large parts of the needle department will be automated and the production volume will increase significantly.

This in turn means an increased need for measurements to ensure optimal climates for new processes and environments. With the testo Saveris 1, Vitrolife is equipped for the future. It is a system that is easy to scale up. Testo also continuously develops all parts of the system, to meet changing market demands.

And if Mattias Uddén needs technical backup, he knows that Nordtec support is just a phone call away.

– I feel that my technicians receive quick help and that they “talk in a farmer’s way”, so that everyone understands. Everything is going incredibly smoothly!

Vitrolife testo Saveris-system


Business: Part of the Vitrolife Group, which develops and manufactures media (nutrient solutions), aspiration needles, pipettes, incubators, test tubes and lab dishes used in connection with IVF treatments. Vitrolife Group is an international group and global leader in reproductive health with headquarters in Gothenburg. Development of products and services, as well as manufacturing, takes place around the world. Vitrolife Group is present in nearly 130 markets.

Measurement solution: Latest version of the testo Saveris 1 measurement system and some 80 data loggers that measure temperature and humidity in refrigerators and freezers as well as room temperature and warm environments.


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