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Robust logs ensure vital sterile processes

Published 2022-08-08

Robust logs ensure vital sterile processes

testo 190 autoclave loggers

– They are very durable and easy to use. And it’s quicker to read temperatures than any other equipment I’ve tried.

So says Magnus Björklund of MECQ about the testo 190 autoclave loggers he uses to validate sterilization processes in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Magnus Björklund worked for over 20 years in a medical device company before starting his own consultancy business 2.5 years ago. The company is called MECQ Mälardalen AB and has an office and test workshop in Strängnäs. Magnus and three colleagues are kept busy with assignments for customers all over Sweden but also around Europe and occasionally in the USA.

They are mainly dedicated to mapping and validating critical temperatures in demanding environments in both healthcare and industry (consisting of food customers but mainly pharmaceutical companies).

Magnus and his colleagues carefully measure the temperatures in sterilization units such as autoclaves and washer-disinfectors. The purpose is to verify that prescribed temperatures are maintained during the sterilization of medical equipment, for example, so that harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms are eliminated.

Mapping in server halls
Many jobs for industrial customers involve checking fans, isolators and hydrogen peroxide cabinets. Magnus often has to do temperature mapping. Another common place outside the food and pharmaceutical industry where mappings are requested are stations in server halls.

– In these cases, it is about measuring in the server rack and ensuring that the temperature does not exceed a certain degree and can damage the equipment,” says Magnus.

To make all these accurate temperature measurements, Magnus uses the testo 190. He bought seven two-channel loggers, a pressure sensor and a multifunction case (used to read out measurements and configure the loggers) six months ago.

Need more autoclave logs

The equipment has since been used by customers from north to south.

– We will probably buy another bag. A larger model with more logs. We really need it.

The testo 190 autoclave loggers are used as reference meters for the built-in measuring instruments of the sterilization machines. They are deployed to measure temperatures in walls, ceilings and corners and sometimes also in the load.

– We always aim to put the 190 logs in places where we know from experience that it is difficult to achieve the right heat to clean properly. Then we repeat the measurement three times to get a reliable result. When it’s a sterilization centre in a hospital, we’re talking about surgical instruments going into people. Then you want to know that everything is really sterile.

What do you like most about the testo 190?
– The user interface. It is incredibly easy to create and save templates. This makes it much easier to do recurring jobs for the same customer – while also allowing you to compare results from year to year. I like that,” says Magnus, adding:

– This saves time for me and money for the customer.

Reading out testo 190 logs
Magnus thinks the multifunctional bag is great. “You just push the logs into the respective compartments and read them and you’re done!”

For Magnus, it’s all about having equipment that he can rely on at all times. Not least to be able to present reliable measurements at all times. He finds the testo 190 more stable and easier to handle than other temperature loggers on the market. It is also easy to apply to the load. Magnus feels that he can simply put it wherever he wants – and then trust it to stay put.

Durable and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
– Other brands have wired transducers that are not as durable as the testo 190 and break quite easily. In addition, the 190 logs are easy to read. The bag we bought is absolutely fantastic. You just push the logs into their respective compartments and read them and you’re done! Unlike other logs, which can swell at the bottom from the heat, making it take a while to read them.

Another clear advantage of the testo 190, says Magnus, is that these autoclave loggers comply with 21 CFR Part 11 – a standard with requirements for electronic signatures and traceability that is becoming increasingly common in industry. With a few simple clicks of the included software, Magnus can add signatures and make everything traceable. This is something both he and his customers appreciate.

It is the development of technology and the variety of challenges that make Magnus Björklund look forward to every day at work. In addition to temperature measurements, he is available to help customers with both emergency service and product development.

– It is often said that the day you know everything about this, then it is time to close down. But I am learning new things and developing all the time,” says Magnus and concludes:

– One week you can help with the development of an autoclave, for example, and the next week you can be involved in making improvements to the software of a robotic plant. You definitely never have time to get bored with this job.

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