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“The measuring equipment makes it easier and more efficient for me to do all the cooling jobs.”

William Giorgi kylteknik

Published 2024-04-09

“The measuring equipment makes it easier and more efficient for me to do all the cooling jobs.”

William Giorgi Refrigeration

Cooling technician William Giorgi regularly reviews systems and associated technology to ensure the right climate in cleanrooms and warehouses at medtech company Wellspect HealthCare. An important part of the job going forward is to create sustainable cooling solutions.

William has been running Kyl & Industriteknik i Väst AB for five years together with Johnny Olofsson and two employed refrigeration technicians, Josefine and Emil. The quartet works with a range of repeat clients where they are “the centerpiece of a property or process”, as William puts it.

– Our aim is to have a wide range of knowledge that makes us a long-term partner. We are familiar with all refrigerants and work with ventilation, control technology and heating systems. That is, everything around a cooling machine,” says William Giorgi.

Assignments range from installing and commissioning new cooling systems in various spaces to modernizing and streamlining existing cooling systems. A major customer is Wellspect HealthCare in Gothenburg, which offers proprietary products and services in incontinence care. The assignment there consists of technical property management with a focus on cooling. William and his colleagues are responsible for maintaining the company’s cleanroom validation by ensuring the correct temperature, humidity and pressure are maintained in these environments.

Cooling for air treatment in clean rooms
– Our job is to ensure optimal cooling for air treatment processes through continuous, transparent monitoring and servicing of refrigerants, ventilation and humidification,” says William.

Kyl & Industriteknik also monitors the climate in a large warehouse where catheters are stored. Measurement boxes are placed at the top of the roof and at the bottom of the floor in various locations to detect any temperature differences in the warehouse. The measuring boxes are Celsicom T600 that store all temperature values in the cloud, which means that William can get current values in his mobile phone at any time and quickly troubleshoot and fix any problem area.

For the majority of other tasks, William uses manometer stands, sensors, air flow meters, multimeters and other measuring instruments from Testo. He appreciates the quality and simplicity of the testo 557s manometer stand, for example.

Ida Alexandersson NCC

We have embarked on an exciting transformation journey!

William Giorgi

Kyl & Industriteknik i Väst AB

Durable, smart measuring instruments
– It works flawlessly in all situations – even outdoors in really tough weather conditions. I also like the ability to connect wireless SmartProbes sensors to the manometer stand. In other words, the measuring equipment makes things a lot easier and allows me to do all the cooling jobs more efficiently. Another thing I like is that Testo continuously comes up with updates that improve the measuring instruments, says William and adds:

– I also appreciate the proximity to Nordtec. If I have a technical question, I can always reach a product expert and get a quick answer. They know the ropes. From time to time I also get to test new tools that might be interesting to acquire in the future. Such as the testo 560i digital refrigerant scale that I have recently tested, which offers a very smart solution for refilling refrigerant.

A lot is happening in the field of refrigeration, which means that William and his colleagues must constantly keep their eyes open for new regulations and new refrigeration technology. An amended F-Gas Regulation aimed at phasing out products containing fluorinated greenhouse gases, including many of today’s synthetic refrigerants, is imminent. The goal is to convert to natural refrigerants to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide equivalents, which is a term for gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

“Exciting journey of change”
A significant part of the job at Wellspect HealthCare is to jointly drive the transition to environmentally friendly refrigeration technology by switching the refrigeration system to ammonia. Of course, William is happy about this change because it creates more work for him and his colleagues in the industry.

– As we move to natural refrigerants such as ammonia, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide, there are additional safety requirements as some of these refrigerants are flammable and toxic,” says William, concluding:

– We have started an exciting transition towards more sustainable cooling systems and environmentally friendly refrigerants.

Köldmedievågen testo 560i

Kyl & Industriteknik i Väst AB

Activity: Offers a complete solution in terms of technical property management with a focus on refrigeration. Works with all types of refrigeration systems and refrigerants to create and monitor a wide range of climate zones in different environments.

Measurement solution: For work with cooling systems and cleanrooms, the testo 557s pressure gauge stand, the testo 417 vane sensor, the testo 175 data logger, the testo 635 temperature and humidity meter, the testo 922 differential temperature meter and several wireless SmartProbes such as the testo 410i, 405i, 510i, 605i for measuring air flow/air speed, differential pressure, humidity and temperature. Eight Celsicom T600 (compact measurement boxes with internal temperature sensors) are used to remotely monitor the climate in a large high-bay warehouse.

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