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Fully aware of the climate in different environments – wherever you are.

Using WiFi data loggers connected to the testo Saveris 2 measuring system, you can easily monitor temperature and humidity – at any time on your mobile phone. The system is easy to both install and expand to match your current needs.

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How does testo Saveris 2 work?

testo Saveris 2 is a temperature and/or humidity radiologist system that you can easily integrate into your own WiFi network and customize according to your needs.

The loggers transfer all measurement data to the Testo Cloud service, allowing you to view current values on your mobile phone, tablet or computer at any time. If any limit value is exceeded, you will receive an automatic alert via SMS and/or email.

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Get a tailor-made surveillance system

testo Saveris 2 is a proven and appreciated monitoring system in areas such as property management and the food and pharmaceutical industry. This is because the system helps you ensure high quality and optimize processes – while complying with applicable standards and regulations.

How does your measurement system need to be structured? We help you all the way – from needs analysis and installation to commissioning and regular calibrations.

The data loggers in the testo Saveris 2 series

See technical data and all info on the different parts of the system using the links below.

Keep an eye on all the data.

Using a mobile phone, tablet or PC with an internet connection, you can monitor and analyze the saved measurements. Wherever you are.

React immediately.

When your limits are exceeded, you will immediately receive an alarm via email or SMS from testo Saveris 2. This allows you to react quickly to errors.

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Easy to get started.

No software needs to be installed to use testo Saveris 2. All you need is a WiFi network and a web browser.

Document easily.

testo Saveris 2 puts an end to tedious paperwork and missing measurements. In the cloud you can view, analyze and document your measurements. Measurement data and reports can be exported and sent automatically by email.

Save time!

Measurement values are automatically transferred to the Testo Cloud via the WiFi network. You save a lot of time by not having to go to all the measuring points to read the values manually.

Flexible extension.

testo Saveris 2 adapts to your needs – not the other way around. The system can be extended as needed with more data loggers – e.g. the logs of the testo 160 monitoring system. In addition, the loggers can be equipped with sensors for the most diverse applications. Special adaptations are also possible.

Your measurement data is secured.

Your measurements are stored in the Testo Cloud, which has strict security standards. In addition, each data logger is equipped with a buffer memory of up to 10,000 measurements. Even in the event of a power cut or WiFi outage, no data is lost.

Simple connection.

Because testo Saveris 2 connects to your existing WiFi network, you save the cost of a separate wireless base station. The system uses different WiFi standards: (Standard) IEEE 802.11 b/g/n network, and IEEE 802.1x network with WPA2 Enterprise encryption.

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