Presentation of the testo 160

testo 160 for climate monitoring in sensitive environments


Discreet WiFi data loggers for sensitive indoor climates

testo 160 is a series of wireless and connected data loggers for remote measurement of UV radiation, light intensity, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration. They are compact and discreet – a perfect solution for monitoring the climate in museums, libraries, archives and other sensitive indoor environments. You are alerted to changes in the indoor climate in order to act and protect objects from mold, fading, rust and deformities.

How does testo 160 work?

testo 160 is a radiologist system that you can easily integrate into your own WiFi network and customize according to your needs. Simply by selecting data logs for temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, Lux – or whatever you want to measure.

The loggers transfer all measurement data to the Testo Cloud service, allowing you to view current values on your mobile phone, tablet or computer at any time. If any limit value is exceeded, you will receive an automatic alert via SMS and/or email.

Sign up for free for Testo Cloud and choose between Basic (free) or Advanced (low annual cost) levels. You can register at this link:

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testo Saveris 2 infographic
testo 160 covers

Discreet surveillance with covers

The wireless, connected data loggers of the testo 160 series give you full control of UV radiation, light intensity, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration.

Effective climate control in public spaces.

No software needs to be installed. All you need is a WiFi network. Learn how testo 160 gives you discreet, effective monitoring of the indoor climate and helps protect your items from mold, fading and rust.

testo 160 climate control

Explore the testo 160 series

See technical data and all info on the different parts of the system using the links below.

WiFi data logger testo 160 E cover cap

The cover makes the logger “invisible”.

– The cover can be painted or stickered.
– The cap is easily put on to cover the logger.
– The logger blends into the room and does not attract attention.

WiFi data logger testo 160 THL Testo Cloud

You can see current data at any time

– Measurement values are automatically transferred to the free testo Cloud service.
– You can view all measurements on your mobile phone, tablet or computer whenever you want.

WiFi data logger testo 160 THE external sensor

External sensors for confined spaces

– Small sensors can measure temperature, humidity, light intensity and UV radiation.
– Perfect solution when logs do not fit or can be used for aesthetic reasons.
– Measurements also work in air-conditioned glass cases.

WiFi data logger testo 160 E Testo Cloud

Alerts so you can act in time

– When your limit is exceeded, you will automatically receive an alarm.
– Alarm via text message or email – the choice is yours.
– In terms of brightness, the logger alarms when the total amount of light over a certain period exceeds your set limit.

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