Magnetic mounts

Magnetic mount that facilitates the installation of Celsicom Easy Connect sensors and avoids interference. Used to attach the sensor to metal surfaces (not certain types of stainless steel). The mount consists of a 10 mm thick plastic part with a double-sided adhesive tape on one side and a magnetic tape on the other. As the sensor comes out 10 mm from the metal wall, the metal in the wall does not affect the radio transmitter/antenna of the sensor. If the distance is shorter, the sensor's reception ratio will be very negatively affected.

  1. Clean the back of the sensor from dirt and grease. Make sure the surface is dry.
  2. Remove the protective plastic from the double-sided tape and install the bracket on the lower part of the back of the sensor (see picture). Press the bracket against the sensor for about 10 seconds.
  3. Now attach the sensor to any metal surface. However, mounting against some stainless steel variants will not work.


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