testo 545 – lux meter

Simple, fast and accurate measurement of illuminance (Lux) according to the V-lambda curve for all common light sources.

  • Wide range of applications thanks to LED compatibility (except single-color blue LED)
  • Quick settings, history graphs, mobile as a second screen and measurement data memory in the testo Smart app.
  • An audible alarm warns if a limit value is exceeded.

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testo 545 – digital lux meter with app

Lighting is a key factor for productivity, well-being and health, especially in workplaces. Light sources that are too bright cause glare while those that are too dark can lead to concentration problems and headaches. With the testo 545 light meter, you can measure the illuminance of all common light sources – quickly, easily and accurately. The measuring instrument is compatible with almost all commercially available LED lights and thus guarantees you a wide range of applications.

By automatically calculating time and point averages, the light meter shows you all relevant information at a glance. testo 545 is perfectly complemented by the testo Smart app. This allows you not only to configure the measuring instrument, but also to view, document and store the measured values in an easy way. The app also turns your phone into a second screen.

Så här underlättar testo Smart-appen för dig:

  • Enkel inställning av mätinstrumentet
  • Effektiv kund- och mätplatshantering
  • Pålitlig lagring av alla mätdata
  • Förvandlar mobilen till en andra skärm
  • Visning av grafiska mätvärdeskurvor
  • Enkel dokumentering av allt arbete
  • Skicka rapporter direkt från mätplatsen via e-post

testo Smart-appen finns på Google Play och App Store. Den är gratis att både ladda ned och använda.

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Included in delivery

  • testo 545 – Lux meter with App connection and sound alarm
  • Transport bag
  • Calibration protocol
  • 3 AA batteries

Fabriksprotokoll: utfärdas på fabriken efter en kontroll av att produkten fungerar och uppfyller angiven mätnoggrannhet. Läs om skillnaden mellan fabriksprotokoll och ackrediterad kalibrering.

Sensor typeSilicon Photodiode
Measurement range0 ... 100,000 lux
Accuracy ±1 digitClass C, corresponding to DIN 5032-7 /
EN 13032-1, Annex B
f1 = 6% = V(Lambda) adjustment
f2 = 5% = cos-true evaluation
Total ≤15 %
±3% of m.v. ±1 digit
General technical data
Operating temperatureMeasuring instrument: -10 ... +50 °C
Sensor: 0 ... +50 °C
Storage temperature-20 ... +50 °C
Battery type3 x AA
Battery life70 hours
SizeMeasuring instrument: 149 x 60 x 28 mm
Giver:134 x 54 x 23 mm
Cable length:1.4 m
Weight288 g
Protection classMeasuring instrument: IP 40
Probe: IP20
Material in instrument housingABS PC/TPE
There are no probes for this item.
Datablad testo 545
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