testo 176 H1 – moisture logger for 2 external sensors

Moisture logger with connection for 2 external moisture/temperature sensors

  • Up to 4 channels - two moisture and two temperature
  • Testo's high-accuracy moisture sensor
  • Dew point recording
  • Memory for 2 million measurements

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testo 176 H1 – Moisture logger for two external sensors

The professional data logger testo 176 H1 is characterized by the possibility of connecting 2 external moisture/temperature sensors, which makes it possible to place the logger in an easily accessible place, while the sensors can be mounted in a duct, inside a climate cabinet, inside a building structure, etc. In addition to humidity and temperature, the logger can also record dew point, making it suitable for e.g. dew point distance measurement etc. testo 176 H1 is ideal for continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity in closed spaces. The 176 H1 can monitor the indoor climate in buildings, warehouses and archives and help create good comfort in workplaces.

The large display shows current measurement values, min/max, alarm and logging status and whether the set alarm limits have been exceeded and, if so, for how long. In addition to reading with the PC software ComSoft Basic 5, the logger can also be read directly at the measurement site using an SD card without having to remove the logger from its measurement site.

State-of-the-art technology. High data security.

The moisture logger display provides you with a wide range of valuable information including current readings, limit values and markings where these limits have been exceeded, min/max values and remaining battery power. Since all that information can be read directly on the display, there is no need to boot up your computer. In addition to these valuable features, the logger also has a super large data memory that can store up to 2 million measurements and an exceptionally long battery life of up to 8 years. This gives you the freedom to read out measurement data at longer intervals even when measurement cycles are shorter. The AAA batteries included in the delivery can be replaced by the user.

Programming the logger and analyzing the measurement data

Choose one of three software versions to program or read out your logger or to analyze the measurement data you have transferred to your computer:

  • ComSoft Basic – download free of charge from the Download tab – allows you to program your logger and analyze the measurement data quickly and easily.
  • ComSoft Professional – optional – gives you additional possibilities and a more detailed analysis of the measured values.
  • ComSoft CFR 21 Part 11 – optional – ideal for the special requirements of the pharmaceutical sector in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11.

Included in delivery

Data logger testo 176 H1, including wall mount, lock, batteries and factory protocol.

Fabriksprotokoll: utfärdas på fabriken efter en kontroll av att produkten fungerar och uppfyller angiven mätnoggrannhet. Läs om skillnaden mellan fabriksprotokoll och ackrediterad kalibrering.

NOTE! To program the data logger, you need a USB cable that is not included in the delivery but can be ordered under the Accessories tab. The measurement data can be transferred to the computer via the USB cable or to an optional SD card.

ATTENTION! The data logger is delivered without sensors, it requires at least one sensor to work. Donors can be ordered under the donors tab above.

ParametersHumidity/temperature/dew point
SensorsHumidity sensor Testo
Temperature sensor NTC
channels4 channels (2 sensors)
Measuring ranges:0...100%RH,
-20 ...+70 °C
-40 ...+70 °C td
Resolution0.1%RH/0.1 °C/0.1 °C td
Accuracy± 2%RH
±0.2 °C (-25...+70 °C)
±0.4 °C other range
Memory2 million measurement values
Log interval1 s...24 h (freely selectable)
Operating temperature-20 °C ... +70 °C
Storage temp-40 °C ... +85 °C
Battery1 lithium battery AA 3.6 V
Battery life8 years at log interval 15 min.
Dimensions103 x 63 x 33 mm
Weight130 g
Protection classIP 65
PC connectionUSB (standard to mini B)
Guarantee2 years
SoftwareComSoft Basic 5
ComSoft Professional 4
ComSoft CFR 21 Part 11
Datablad testo 174-175-176
Manual till Comsoft Basic

Läs manualen noggrant före installation av programvaran.

ComSoft Basic 5 SP5 6.3 (äldre version, för Win 7/10)

Om du redan har en äldre version av ComSoft Basic 5 installerad på din dator, bör du avinstallera den först. Starta sedan nedladdningen av den aktuella ComSoft Basic 5 genom att klicka på knappen.


I de flesta Windows-versioner laddas filer ned till en mapp med namnet ”Hämtade filer” eller ”Download”. Flytta den nedladdade ZIP-filen till C:/temp eller direkt till C:/ och packa upp den. Högerklicka sedan på EXE-filen och välj ”Kör som administratör”. Då påbörjas installationen atuomatiskt. När allt är klart ska det ha skapats en Testo-mapp i startmenyn, där du hittar den nya programikonen.

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