testo 606-1 – compact instrument for wood and building materials

Compact instrument of the PocketLine series for accurate material moisture measurement in wood with characteristic curves

  • Also characteristic curves for other building materials
  • Hold function for easy reading of measurement results
  • Robust measuring pin

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testo 606-1 – Compact moisture content meter for wood and building materials

One of the instruments of the PocketLine series, characterized by professional measurement technology in a real pocket size. The testo 606-1 is a compact moisture ratio meter that measures the moisture content of wood and other building materials and, thanks to its small format, fits in any pocket – always at hand. Ideal not only for professionals but also for private users who appreciate the precision that such a professional tool has to offer.

The testo 606-1 moisture meter impresses with various quality features: easy to use; precise and absolutely reliable measurements; suitable for a wide range of different types of wood and building materials. The two electrodes are inserted into wood or building materials where it measures the moisture content as a percentage based on the dry mass (dry weight). The hold function freezes the last measurement and the backlit display allows the instrument to be used in all lighting conditions. A protective cover and a belt holder ensure that the moisture meter can be stored safely and the hand strap helps prevent the instrument from being accidentally dropped.

Practical – the characteristic curves of the testo 606-1 moisture meter

The testo 606-1 comes complete with a wide range of characteristic curves for wood and building materials, allowing the measured moisture content to be displayed directly in percentage by weight.

Characteristic curves for different wood materials:

  • Book
  • Gran
  • Larch
  • Ek
  • Tall
  • Maple

Characteristic curves for different (non-hard) building materials, such as for example plaster

Included in delivery

The testo 606-1 moisture meter, protective cover, wrist strap, belt holder, factory protocol and operating instructions.

Fabriksprotokoll: utfärdas på fabriken efter en kontroll av att produkten fungerar och uppfyller angiven mätnoggrannhet. Läs om skillnaden mellan fabriksprotokoll och ackrediterad kalibrering.

Material moisture
Measuring range:Wood: 7.0 ... 54.8%FK

Building material: 0.0...22.1%FK
Accuracy:± 1% (conductivity)
Operating temp.:-10 ... 50 °C
Battery Type:Alkaline (2 pcs. AAA)
Battery Life:200 hours (average value, without display lighting)
Dimensions (incl. protective case):119 x 46 x 25 mm
There are no probes for this item.
There are no accessories for this item.
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