testo 830-T1 – affordable IR thermometer

Versatile, fast and affordable IR temperature gauge

  • 1-point laser sight
  • Measuring optics 10:1
  • Adjustable emission factor 0.1....1,00

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Finns i lager

testo 830-T1 – affordable IR thermometer

A versatile and fast IR temperature meter with 1-point laser sight for non-contact temperature measurement. The ergonomic gun design together with the backlit display makes very user-friendly.

Freely adjustable emission factor setting which allows you to adapt the IR thermometer to different materials to achieve the best possible measurement results. For high gloss surfaces with very low emission, we recommend using an optional emission tape which significantly improves the measurement result.

Features and benefits of the IR thermometer testo 830-T1

Fast and accurate measurement of surface temperature with the IR thermometer testo 830-T1 with 2 measurements per second.

A summary of the benefits:

  • High resolution processor for best accuracy (0.1°C resolution)
  • 10:1 optics for precise measurements even at medium distances
  • The IR thermometer’s 1-point laser sight makes it easy to identify the measuring surface.
  • Adjustable emission factor 0.1….1,00
  • Two alarm limits that can be set as needed
  • Light and sound alarms if limit values are exceeded
  • Min/max value display and hold function
  • Comfortable one-handed handling thanks to its ergonomic design
  • Clear, illuminated display

Included in delivery

IR thermometer testo 830-T1, factory protocol and batteries

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Measurement range-30 ... +400°C
Measuring optics10:1
Accuracy±1.5°C or 1.5% of m.v. (0 ... +400°C)

±2°C or 2% of m.v. (-30 ... 0°C)

greatest value applies
Alarmat freely adjustable upper and lower limit values
Operating temperature-20 ... +50°C Temperature
transport/storage-40 ... +70°C
Battery type9V alkaline (manganese)
Battery life3 p.m
Dimensions190x75x38 mm
Weight200 g
Guarantee2 years
There are no probes for this item.
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