testo 831 – fast IR thermometer for foodstuffs

Fast and accurate IR temperature meter for food products

  • Small measuring surface - measuring optics 30:1
  • Clear 2-point laser sight.
  • Max/min value display

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Finns i lager

testo 831 – IR thermometer for quick checks

The IR thermometer is unique in its small measuring area and low price. Quickly scans a large area to find temperature anomalies. For example, it only needs an area of 10 cm when measuring at a distance of 2 meters. Two laser markers ensure a clear view of the entire measurement area – no risk of sideways measurement. The easy-to-use food thermometer gives you fast and accurate readings and is a real-time saver.

Outstanding features and benefits

  • Ultra-fast measurements: The IR thermometer allows you to perform up to two measurements per second and multiscan entire pallets of incoming goods, refrigerated counters, etc.
  • Precise temperature measurement – even from a distance: and this is made possible thanks to the 30:1 optics. A measurement at a distance of 1 meter results in a measuring surface with a diameter of only 3.6 cm. This allows you to measure the temperature safely even on smaller products.
  • Always on target: the two laser dots show exactly which object you are aiming at. The two laser points mark the diameter of the measuring circle within which the measurement takes place.
  • Two alarm thresholds
  • Light and sound alarms when limit values are exceeded
  • Min/max value display and hold function (freezes current measured value)
  • Belt clip: there is no better place to store your IR thermometer than in its protective case. Especially since it comes with a belt clip that allows you to attach it to your belt so you always have it at hand.
  • Wide measuring range: -30°C (frozen foods) up to +210°C (stovetops etc.)
  • HACCP certified: the IR thermometer is HACCP certified and ideal for use in the food sector.

Included in delivery

IR thermometer testo 831, belt holder, Swedish manual and factory protocol.

Fabriksprotokoll: utfärdas på fabriken efter en kontroll av att produkten fungerar och uppfyller angiven mätnoggrannhet. Läs om skillnaden mellan fabriksprotokoll och ackrediterad kalibrering.

Measurement range-30 ... +210°C
Measuring optics30:1
Accuracy±1.5°C or 1.5% of m.v. (-19.9 ... +210°C)

±2°C or 2% of m.v. (-20 ... -30°C)

greatest value applies
Operating temperature-20 ... +50°C Temperature
transport/storage-40 ... +70°C
Battery type9V alkaline (manganese)
Protection classIP30
Dimensions190x75x38 mm
Weight200 g
Guarantee2 years
There are no probes for this item.
Datablad testo 831

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