Thermax – temperature indicator +71 … +110°C

Self-adhesive temperature indicators with fast reaction time.

  • 8 points
  • Irreversible color change
  • Reaction time about 1 sec


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Finns i lager

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Self-adhesive temperature indicators with instantaneous reaction, changing from white to black when the temperature is reached. The color change is permanent and is used for MAX temperature measurements e.g. on moving parts, for long-term measurements and on small objects. Withstands dusty and humid environments.

Supplied in booklets of 10 strips.

Measurement points+71; +77; +82; +88; +93; +99; +104; +110°C
Accuracy±1 °C
Sensor technologyChemical melting point technique
Dimensions / Size1x50x18mm
StorageUp to 1 year, maximum storage temperature +25 °C
Guarantee6 months
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