testo 440 – with high accuracy insertion sensor ±0.05 °C

Multi-instrument with highly accurate digital plug-in sensor

  • Measurement range: -80 ... +300 °C
  • Accuracy: ±0.05 °C
  • Intelligent calibration concept

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Leveranstid: 5–10 arbetsdagar

Leveranstid: 5–10 arbetsdagar

testo 440 – with high accuracy digital temperature meter

If you’re looking for a professional thermometer or temperature gauge, here’s a handy measuring set designed for insertion measurement. The instrument and the robust temperature sensor are extremely easy to use and also benefit from the intelligent calibration concept, which means you only send in the sensor part and keep the handle and the instrument when it is time to calibrate.

This measurement kit includes the testo 440 multi-instrument. It can be connected to a wide range of digital sensors, testo SmartProbes and many other temperature sensors. Clearly structured measurement menus for duct/vent volume flow, k-factor, turbulence degree, cooling/heating load, moisture damage risk indication and logging function. These menus allow you to complete measurement tasks faster, more efficiently and more reliably. Reports can be exported as Excel files via the USB interface or printed on site.

All sensors that work with the testo 440 and testo 440 dP can also be used with the reference meter testo 400.

Included in delivery

  • testo 440 for ventilation and indoor climate, 3 pcs. AA batteries, USB cable and factory protocol.
  • Digital plug-in sensor with fixed cable, measuring range -80 … +380 °C, accuracy up to ±0.05 °C, sensor length 295 mm.

Fabriksprotokoll: utfärdas på fabriken efter en kontroll av att produkten fungerar och uppfyller angiven mätnoggrannhet. Läs om skillnaden mellan fabriksprotokoll och ackrediterad kalibrering.

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See also the testo 400 reference meter for more advanced ventilation or IAQ measurements.

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Compare testo 440 and testo 400

SENSOR DATASee separate data for the sensor
INSTRUMENT DATAThe data below refer to the instrument only
Measurement range-40 … 150 °C
Accuracy (±1 digit)±0.4 °C (-40 … -25.1 °C)
±0.2 °C (-25 … +74.9 °C)
±0.4 °C (+75 … +99.9 °C)
±0.5% of mv.. (other measuring range)
Resolution0.1 °C
Measurement range-200 … +1,370 °C
Accuracy (±1 digit)±(0.3 °C + 0.1 % of mv.)
Resolution0.1 °C
TEMPERATURE Pt100 (with suitable sensor)
Measurement rangeSee probe data
Accuracy (±1 digit)See probe data
ResolutionSee probe data
TE type K1
NTC TUC / digital sensor with cable1
Bluetooth sensor1 digital Bluetooth sensor or testo SmartProbe
Operating temperature-20 … +50 °C
Storage temperature-20 … +50 °C
Battery type3 AA batteries
Battery life12 hours (typical measurement)
Measure154 x 65 x 32 mm

Digital comfort level probes

Digital air velocity probes

NTC probes with TUC connector

Thermocouple probes type K

Digital CO probes

Digital temperature probes

Datablad testo 440

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