testo 735-1 – Versatile and accurate temperature meter

Highly accurate measurement technology - system accuracy up to 0.05°C with special sensor 0614 0235

  • Up to 6 sensors simultaneously (3 cable, 3 radio)
  • Cable connection: 1 pc. Pt100 and 2 thermocouples (type J, K, S, T)
  • On-site printing with IR printers

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The testo 735-1 temperature meter – versatile and accurate

If you need a measuring instrument for accurate temperature measurement or if you want to measure the temperature in several places at the same time, the testo 735-1 is the perfect equipment for you. The large selection of optional sensors enables flexible use of the temperature measuring instrument, for example to calibrate stationary temperature sensors, in the electronics and food industry or in laboratories.

Measures surface, air and core temperatures – in up to 6 locations simultaneously

Whether your work involves core temperatures, surface temperatures or air temperatures – choose the temperature sensors that are right for you from our wide range of sensors and measure the temperature at up to six locations simultaneously with the testo 735-1. The temperature meter has one input for connecting a highly accurate Pt100 sensor and two inputs for connecting K, T, J and S thermocouple sensors.

Also benefit from wireless measurement data transmission via radio. The optional radio module allows you to receive readings from up to three additional radio temperature sensors. The radio sensors transmit temperature values to the instrument over a distance of up to 20 meters (line of sight).

Accurate temperature measurement with Pt100 sensor

With Pt100 technology, you can achieve highly accurate temperature measurements with the testo 735-1. High precision dip/insert sensors achieve a system accuracy of up to 0.05°C with a resolution of 0.001°C. The temperature measuring instrument is therefore ideally suited for use as a working reference when calibrating stationary temperature sensors.

The testo 735-1 temperature meter meets several different standards

The testo 735-1 not only displays temperatures in real time. It also shows min/max and average values on the instrument display. When two temperature sensors are connected, the temperature meter calculates the differential temperature and displays it as delta-T. In addition, an audible alarm sounds when the readings fall below or exceed your set alarm limits. The display illumination enables clear reading of measured values even in dark environments. The testo 735-1 is also waterproof according to protection class IP65, is tested according to EN 13485, is HACCP compliant and has international HACCP certification.

Documentation of measurement data with Testo’s high-speed printers

If you need to document measured temperature values, these can be easily transferred from the testo 735-1 to the testo rapid printer via Bluetooth.
Also use the handy cyclical print function. It allows not only the printing of individual measurements but also a whole series of measurements at freely adjustable intervals (e.g. once a minute). We recommend using the testo 735-2 to save, document and archive measurement data. This temperature meter also has a built-in memory and PC software.

Included on delivery

Temperature meter testo 735-1 (3-channel), factory protocol and batteries

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radio probes

2 st

1 st

3 st
Measuring range Pt100-200 ... +800°C

Measuring range Pt100 precision sensor-40 ... +300°C

Measuring range TE type K-200 ... +1370°C
Accuracy Pt100±0,2°C (-100 ... +199,9°C)

±0,2% of mv. rem. range

Accuracy Pt100 precision sensor±0,05°C (+0,01 ... +100°C)

±0,05°C + 0,05% of mv. (rem. range)
TE type K±0,3°C (-60 ... +60°C)

± 0,5% of mv. rem. range
Resolution Pt1000,05°C

Resolution precision sensor0,001°C (-40 ... +199,999°C)

0,01°C rem. range

Resolution TE type K0,1°C
Operating temperature-20 ... +50°C
Storage temperature-30 ... +70°C
Battery type3 pcs AA, alkali manganese
Measure220x74x46 mm
Weight428 g
Protection classIP65
Guarantee2 years

Precision temperature probe

Pt100 probes for the compact class

Thermocouple probes type K

Thermocouple probes type T

Radio probes and accessories

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