testo 735-2 – Temperature meter with logging function

Temperature meter with system accuracy up to 0.05 °C (with reference sensor 0614 0235) and logger memory for up to 10,000 measurements.

  • Up to 6 sensors (3 cable, 3 radio)
  • Sensor types: Pt100, thermocouple types J, K, S and T
  • Delta T, min/max and average function
  • Software - testo ComSoft Pro

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Delivery time: 5-10 working days

Delivery time: 5-10 working days

testo 735-2 – accurate temperature meter with logging function

The testo 735-2 is a digital multi-channel thermometer that has a wide range of applications. This is hardly a surprise given that you can use it for virtually any type of temperature measurement such as core temperatures, air temperatures, surface temperatures, liquid media, etc. It is also perfect as a reference thermometer as it can measure with an accuracy of up to 0.05°C with a high accuracy Pt100 sensor. You can also connect three more external radio temperature sensors wirelessly, giving you a total of 6 measurement channels.

Wide range of sensors, accurate measurement results on up to 6 channels

The testo 735-2 professional thermometer has a sensor connection for a highly accurate Pt100 sensor and two connections for fast thermocouple sensors of type K, T, J and S. In total, you can connect 6 sensors, including 3 wireless radio sensors, to the instrument and show the values on the display. There is a wide range of insertion sensors, air temperature sensors, surface temperature sensors to help you make quick and accurate temperature measurements on a variety of surfaces and media.

The high-accuracy Pt100 sensor (0614 0235) for dip and insertion measurements has a system accuracy of 0.05 °C and a resolution of 0.001 °C. The testo 735-2 is therefore ideal for use as a reference thermometer.

The testo 735-2 temperature meter has a logging function

The accurate temperature meter testo 735-2 not only allows you to perform fast and accurate temperature measurements, it also allows you to log up to 10,000 measurement values, create up to 99 measurement locations and multiple user profiles. In addition, you can save individual measurement blocks or measurement series for each measurement location and select logging intervals between 0.5 seconds and 24 hours. The included software allows you to save and analyze measurement data in tabular or graphical form. Last but not least, you can use the optional wireless quick printer to print directly at the measurement site.

The testo 735-2 temperature meter is practical

The testo 735-2 can give you delta-T, min, max and average values and present them on a backlit display that makes them easier to read in dark environments and poor lighting conditions.

Included in delivery

Multi-channel thermometer testo 735-2, software, USB cable, factory protocol and batteries.

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Radio probes

2 st
1 st
3 st
Measuring range Pt100-200 ... +800°C

Measuring range Pt100 precision sensor-40 ... +300°C

Measuring range TE type K-200 ... +1370°C
Accuracy Pt100±0,2°C (-100 ... +199,9°C)

±0,2% of mv. rem. range

Accuracy Pt100 precision sensor±0,05°C (+0,01 ... +100°C)

±0,05°C + 0,05% of mv. rem. range
TE type K±0,3°C (-60 ... +60°C)

±0,2 °C + 0.3 % of mv. rem. range
Resolution Pt1000,05°C

Resolution precision sensor0,001°C (-40 ... +199,999°C)

0,01°C rem. range

Resolution TE type K0,1°C
Operating temperature-20 ... +50°C
Storage temperature-30 ... +70°C
Battery typeAlkali manganese type AA
Measure220x74x46 mm
Weight428 g
Protection classIP54
Guarantee2 år
Internal memory10,000 measurement values
Logging intervalfreely adjustable, shortest possible 1 second

Precision temperature probe

Pt100 probes for the compact class

Thermocouple probes type K

Thermocouple probes type T

Radio probes and accessories

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