testo 905-T2 – surface temperature thermometer

Easy-to-read thermometer for measuring surface temperature up to 350 °C (briefly up to 500 °C), with rotating display.

  • Super-fast measurement
  • User-friendly function
  • Auto-OFF function

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testo 905-T2 – surface temperature thermometer

The testo 905-T2 thermometer can measure surface temperatures reliably and impressively fast even on uneven surfaces. The measuring head with the spring-loaded thermocouple is what makes this possible. This efficient surface temperature measuring instrument is therefore suitable for various applications in the heating, plumbing and cooling industry (e.g. measurements on pipes or valves).

Another advantage of the temperature sensor (type K) is that its spring-loaded thermocouple absorbs the temperature of the measured object very quickly. Thus, the temperature meter achieves high accuracy and an impressively fast response time. The testo 905-T2 for measuring surface temperature also impresses with its wide measuring range from -50 to +350 °C. Measurements up to +500 °C are also possible for a short period (1 to 2 minutes). The large measuring range means that the thermometer has many different applications, such as in heating, plumbing or refrigeration technology. The thermometer is particularly well suited for temperature measurements on pipes, as its thermocouple probe can easily handle uneven surfaces.

Extremely user-friendly surface temperature thermometer.

The testo 905-T2 for measuring surface temperature is really easy to use: you can comfortably read the measured values on the clear display. They are also easily readable from different angles. This is because the instrument is rotatable and can be adjusted to your point of view. If you forget to turn the thermometer off, it will automatically turn itself off after about 10 minutes of non-use.

Included in delivery

The testo 905-T2 surface temperature thermometer with a large measuring range, including mounting clip and batteries.

Measurement range-50...+350°C, (Short-term to +500°C)
Accuracy±(1°C ±1% of m.v.) (-50...+350°C)
Operating temp0...+40°C
Storage temp-20...+70°C
Diameter sensor probe
5 mm
Measuring tip diameter12 mm
Auto off10 minutes
Battery life1000h
Battery type3 AAA batteries
Guarantee1 year
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