testo 890 – measuring set 3 with three lenses

640 x 480 pixels sensor resolution, 3 lenses included

 149 950:-

Delivery time: 5-10 working days

Delivery time: 5-10 working days

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testo 890 – the top-of-the-range thermal imaging model

By choosing the testo 890 thermal imaging camera, you are ideally equipped both for professional industrial thermography and for building thermography. For example, inspection of control cabinets, high temperature measurement, circuit board analysis, photovoltaic panels, complete thermography of building shells for energy consultants, etc.

All important information about the testo 890 thermal imaging camera

  • Up to 307,200 temperature measurement points: a 640 x 480 pixel sensor format ensures accurate detection. SuperResolution technology even increases image quality to 1280 x 960 pixels.
  • With a thermal sensitivity of < 40 mK, even the smallest temperature differences are visible.
  • You can also choose to save the thermal images as JPEGs.
  • Process analysis package (optional): the combination of video and sequence recording in the instrument enables wireless measurement and easier handling at the measurement site.
  • The video camera design with wrist strap together with the rotatable folding display makes thermography much easier. Something that also allows for a variety of camera angles with one hand.
  • Panoramic image assistant: individual images are combined into a panoramic image as soon as they are taken. This means, for example, that you can take thermal images of entire building shells without having to compile them or evaluate them individually afterwards.
  • SiteRecognition technology: similar measurement objects are automatically identified by the thermal imaging camera and filed in the right order.
  • High temperature option: measurement range can be extended up to 1 200 °C
  • Special measurement mode to detect areas at risk of moisture damage: the dew point in the room is calculated by manually entering the ambient temperature and humidity. The surface temperature measured by the camera is then compared to the dew point. Then the risk of moisture damage is indicated by a traffic light indication (red, yellow, green). With an optional radio sensor for moisture measurement connected, it is even easier: the measured values are transmitted automatically and do not need to be entered manually.
  • Voice recording (comments on the images) is possible with the headset included in the delivery.
  • Integrated digital camera: you can take clear standard digital images in combination with the thermal image, facilitating documentation and presentation.
  • Autofocus for easy one-handed use and better pictures with the right focus
  • Fever detection (optional): used to identify people with high body temperature, for example in the entrance of large workplaces.
  • The optics can be changed
  • Minimum focus distance 10 cm
  • Analyze the thermal images directly on the PC with the professional software testo IRSoft.
  • SuperResolution which increases the resolution by 4 times on captured thermal images. Provides a resolution of 1 228 800 pixels.

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Three different lenses are included in this set:

Standard optics 42° x 32° (included)

  • Ideal for inspecting measurement objects at close range
  • Large field of vision

Special optics 25° x 19° (included)

  • Ideal for preventive maintenance applications

Teleoptics 15° x 11° (included)

  • Makes it possible to take outstanding images of measurement objects at medium and long distances.

Included in delivery

  • The testo 890 thermal imaging camera with SuperResolution
  • 3 lenses (standard, 25° and telephoto)
  • Transport bag
  • IRSoft professional software (free download)
  • Carrying strap
  • SD card
  • USB cable
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Power supply units
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Headset for voice recording
  • Optics storage
  • Lens protection glass
  • Extra rechargeable battery
  • Fast battery charger

A one-day basic course in thermography is also included. Value 3.450:-

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Operating temperature-15 ... +50 °C
Storage temperature-30 ...+60 °C
Humidity20 ... 80% RH non-condensing
Protection classIP54
Image size3,1 MB
Minimum focus distance0,5 m
Display type4.3-inch LCD touch screen with 480 x 272 pixels
Digital zoom1-; 3-
Display optionsIR image / normal digital image
Colors9 (iron, rainbow, rainbow HC, cool warm, bluish red, gray, inverted gray, sepia, Testo)
Video outputUSB 2.0, Micro HDMI
Power LEDIncluded
Process Analysis PackageOptional
JPEG storage
Video measurement
Up to 3 measurement points
Voice recording
Bluetooth **** / wired headset
Panorama image assistant
Interchangeable optics
25° x 19°; 15° x 11°; 6.6° x 5°
Standard optics
42° x 32° (included)
Digital camera
Labview; free download from website; USB
Fever detectionOptional
LaserLaser marker
**** Bluetooth only in EU, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Colombia, Turkey, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, India, Australia
File format image.bmt; export options in .bmp;.jpg;.png;.csv;.xls
File format video.wmv;.mpeg-1;Testo format (fully radiometric video)
Storage deviceSD card 2GB (approx. 1500 - 2000 images)
Spectrum7,5 ... 14 µm
Infrared resolution640 x 480 pixels
Heat sensitivity˂ 40 mK at 30 °C
Field of view42° x 32° (Standard Lens), 25° x 19° (25° Lens), 15° x 11° (Telephoto), 6.6° x 5° (Super Tele)
Minimum focus distance0.1m (standard optics), 0.2m (25° optics), 0.5m (telephoto lens), 2m (Supertelephoto)
Geometric Resolution (IFOV)1.13 mrad (standard optic), 0.68 mrad (25° optic), 0.42 (telephoto lens), 0.18 (super telephoto)
SuperResolution1280 x 960 pixels
SuperResolution (IFOV)0.71 mrad (standard optics), 0.43 mrad (25° optics), 0.26 mrad (telephoto), 0.11 mrad (Super tele)
Image refresh rate33 Hz
FocusAutomatic / manual
*Within EU, outside 9 Hz
Measurement range-30 ... +100 °C; 0 ... +650 °C (switchable)
High temperature measurement+350 ... +1,200 °C (not in connection with the telephoto lens)
Accuracy±2 °C, ± 2% of mv
Emission factor0.01;1
Reflected temperatureManual
Transmittance correctionIncluded
Accuracy high temperature± 2 ° C, ± 2% of mv
Moisture distribution on surfacesIncluded
Moisture measurement“Optional
Solar function mode - manual
Analysis function
"Up to 10 measurement points, Hot/Cold Spot recognition, up to 5 x area measurement (min/max & average), Isothermal and alarm values
Moisture measurement with external instrument
"With radio sensor; (automatic transmission of measurement value in real time);
*Wireless humidity sensors only in EU, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Colombia, Turkey, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, Indonesia
System requirementsWindows® 10;Windows Vista;Windows® 7 (Service Pack 1);Windows® 8; Interface: USB 2.0
Measure253 x 132 x 111 mm
Weight1 630 g
Tripod mount1/4 "- 20UNC
Product/house materialABS
Weight (without packaging)1 630 g
Battery typeFast-charging Li-ion battery that can be replaced on site
Battery life4.5 hours
Charging optionsIn instrument / charger (optional)
Mains operationYes
EU/EC guidelines2004/108 / EC
There are no probes for this item.
Jämförelse värmekameror

IRSoft 5.0 för alla testo värmekameror 

IRSoft ger dig möjlighet att analysera dina värmebilder i detalj. Ladda ned den senaste versionen av IRSoft till din PC och starta filen Setup.exe", för att installera programmet. Se även installationstipsen nedan. Om det redan finns en äldre version av IRSoft på din PC, kommer den att uppdateras till den senaste versionen.


I de flesta Windows-versioner laddas filer ned till en mapp med namnet ”Hämtade filer” eller ”Download”. Flytta den nedladdade ZIP-filen till C:/temp eller direkt till C:/ och packa upp den. Högerklicka sedan på EXE-filen och välj ”Kör som administratör”. Då påbörjas installationen atuomatiskt. När allt är klart ska det ha skapats en Testo-mapp i startmenyn, där du hittar den nya programikonen.

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