testo 420 – Volume flow hood with airflow straightener

Volume flow hood for larger air devices with low weight - only 2.9 kg

  • Measured values also to the mobile phone via Bluetooth app
  • Integrated airflow straightener minimizes the impact of turbulence
  • Flexible display - can also be removed from the socket and used for pitot tube measurement

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testo 420 – Volume flow hood with airflow rectifier for supply and exhaust air

Light and accurate
Light, accurate and practical – the testo 420 air flow meter makes it much easier to regulate the volume flow of larger supply and exhaust air devices. At 2.9 kg, it is the lightest model on the market. And with the integrated airflow rectifier, it sets a new standard for accurate measurement on turbulent air devices.

App + Bluetooth
Via an App that communicates with the testo 420 via Bluetooth, almost all measurement data can be read out on a standard mobile phone. It is also possible to create and send measurement reports directly on site.

Flexible measuring instrument
The integrated instrument can be tilted and is therefore easy to read regardless of the working position. By removing it from the socket, it can also be used as a very accurate pressure gauge (resolution 0.001 Pa) for e.g. pitot tube measurements. Mounted on the chair, it also measures temperature and relative humidity.

Easy to handle
Clear markings and funnel-shaped brackets for the tension rods make it very easy to install. Ergonomic handles allow you to work comfortably without tiring your hands. The folded testo 420 can be easily and safely transported in the wheeled case provided on delivery.

More hoods to choose from

In addition to the standard 610 x 610 mm hood provided, there are also accessory hoods measuring 360 x 360 mm, 305 x 1220 mm, 610 x 1220 mm and 915 x 915 mm.

Included in delivery

testo 420 volume flow hood including measuring instrument, 610 x 610 mm meter, 5 x clamping bars, USB cable, batteries and transport bag with wheels.

Measuring range volume flow11-1100 l/s,
40-4 000 m³/h
Accuracy volume flow±3% av m.v. +12 m³/h vid +22
°C, 1013 hPa (23 - 970 l/s)
Resolution volume flow0,1 l/s,
1 m³/h
Measuring range temperature-20...+70 °C
Accuracy temperature±0,5 °C (0 ... +70 °C)
±0,8 °C (-20 ... 0 °C)
Dissolution temperature0,1 °C
Measuring range humidity0...100 %RH
Accuracy moisture±1.8 %RH + 3% of m.v. at
+25 °C (5 ... 80 %RH)
Dissolving moisture0,1 %RH
Measuring range pressure-120...120 Pa
Accuracy pressure±2% av m.v. +0,5 Pa
Resolution pressure0,001 Pa
General technical data
Operating temperature-5...+50 °C
Storage temperature-20...+60 °C
Weight2,9 kg
Measurements of standard studs610 x 610 mm
Battery typeAlkaline AA batteries
Battery life40 hours
DisplayDot matrix with lighting
Memory2 GB internal memory
InterfaceMicro USB
Guarantee2 years

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