CA 1510 – measurement kit with climate logger

Starter kit with CA1510 climate logger, software, power adapter, cable and case.

  • Measurement range CO2: 0...5000 ppm
  • Measuring range temperature: -10...60 °C - ?
  • Measurement range moisture: 5...95% RH
  • Memory for 1 million measurements

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CA 1510 – climate logger measurement set for air quality

Data logger that measures and logs three physical quantities, CO2 (carbon dioxide), temperature and relative humidity. The CA1510 then calculates the air quality based on either
CO2 level or a combination of the three quantities. According to the National Board of Health and Welfare, the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, a carbon dioxide level of 1000 ppm is a guideline that should not be exceeded in premises with sedentary work. Outdoors, a typical level is around 400 ppm and indoors in well ventilated areas 600…800 ppm.

As the carbon dioxide meter is easy to use, it can be used both as a portable or fixed instrument mounted on a wall. The logging interval is selected between 15 s and 2 h and the 8 MB memory is sufficient for 1 million samples. With a 10-minute logging interval, the long battery life lasts up to 45 days of logging. It is also possible to lock the instrument during logging, in which case no measurement values are shown on the display.

With Bluetooth communication, either a PC or an Android device can be connected to configure, download measurement data and generate reports. The PC software is in Swedish.
The CA 1510 has a magnet on the back for easy and quick setup. A wall holder and bench support are also available as accessories.

ATTENTION! Buy this starter kit when you buy your first CA1510, to include the cable required for reading out the measurement data.

Included in the starter kit

  • The CA 1510 data logger for CO2, temperature and humidity
  • Software
  • Batteries
  • USB adapter
  • USB cable
  • AC adapter
  • Bag
  • Factory protocol

Measuring principle CO2NDIR technology
Measuring range CO20...5000 ppm CO2
Accuracy CO2±50 ppm ± 3% of the measured value
Dissolving CO21 ppm
Response time CO2, 63%< 200 sec
Measuring principle °CCMOS
Measuring range °C-10...+60 °C
Accuracy °C± 0.5 °C
Resolution °C0.1 °C
Measuring principle %RHCapacitive sensor
Measuring range %RH5...95% RH
Accuracy %RH± 2% RH
Resolution %%RH0.1% RH
Battery lifefor example 45 days at 10 minute measurement intervals
Log intervalfreely adjustable from every 15 seconds to every two hours
There are no probes for this item.
There are no accessories for this item.
Datablad CA1510

Den här programvaran är avsedd för dataloggrarna CA1510 och L452.

Nedladdning och installation:
1. Om du har en tidigare version av DataView installerad på din dator, se till att avinstallera den. STARTA OM PC:n
2. Den nedladdade filen är en .zip-fil. Packa upp den nedladdade filen på en plats i datorn som du kommer ihåg
3. Om du har ditt instrument uppkopplat mot PC:n, se till att koppla loss den från PC:n
4. Gå in i den mapp som har skapats i steg 3
5. Installera DataView genom att “högerklicka” på Setup.exe-filen och välj “kör som administratör”
6. Välj “Svenska” som språk i början av installationen
7. Följ instruktionerna…

W10/11 tips:
Det kan krävas att installationen måste utföras genom att högerklicka med musen på startikonen och ”Kör som ADMIN”.
Vid slutet av installationen måste du eventuellt svara OK på några frågor.
En svart DOS-ruta visas en kort stund då drivrutinerna installeras.
PC med W10 ska startas om innan du kan använda mjukvaran.

Svensk manual CA1510

Skriv din fråga i det här fältet.

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