testo 512-0 – differential pressure meter 0…200 Pa | 2…17,5m/s

  • Over/under/differential pressure
  • Air velocity calculation when measuring with prandtl tubes
  • Adjustable damping
  • Density compensation
Please note that this is a discontinued item sold at a reduced price as is and is not covered by normal warranties.

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The testo 512 with a measurement range from 0 … 200 Pa can be used to help you perform quick and easy filter checks when carrying out checks on ventilation and air conditioning systems. Differential pressure measurement is carried out to determine if filters are still working properly or if they are worn out and clogged and need to be replaced.

The differential pressure meter is ideal for measuring with pitot tubes in air ducts with medium and high air velocities or when the air stream is heavily polluted. The compact, robust meter displays both pressure and air speed and has a measurement range from 2 to 17.5 m/s.


The adjustable average attenuation function can be individually programmed while the density compensation is already integrated.

The pitot tube you need to perform your airflow measurements can be ordered together with your differential pressure meter. Seven models to choose the type best suited to your measurement needs. The pitot tube is inserted into the air duct where it measures the airflow quickly and reliably.
There is also a Ps tube for measuring static pressure in ventilation ducts and a measuring hook for measuring pressure in ventilation devices.

testo 512 displays pressure and air flow rate at the same time. You can choose between two different units of measurement – m/s and fpm – to indicate airflow speed and eight different units – psi, kPa, hPa, Pa, mm H2O, mmHg, inch H2O and inch Hg – to measure pressure.


By investing in some of the handy accessories, you are also taking a step towards ensuring that you will be able to get the most out of your differential pressure gauge for years to come. The carrying case protects your meter during transportation and storage and the TopSafe case protects the meter from shocks, dirt and water ingress.

And last but not least, there’s a quick printer that can give you quick and easy printouts of metrics, time and date while you’re still on site.


The testo 512 differential pressure gauge (measuring range 0 to 200 Pa) and batteries.

Please note that this is an expired item sold at a reduced price as is and is not covered by normal warranties.

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