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Advanced measuring instruments that make your cooling and heating jobs easier.

Discover our smart measurement products from Testo for chillers, heat pumps and ventilation systems. Thanks to these products, complex measurement jobs are a thing of the past. Intelligent features, intuitive operation and connected measurement technology allow you to work more efficiently and avoid time-consuming documentation and tangled cables.

Experience easy adjustment of cooling and heating systems, quick control of pressure and temperature – and a host of other tasks made so much easier with Testo’s advanced measuring instruments.

Do you know that we offer accredited calibration of cooling and heat pump instruments according to SKN’s annual inspection requirements?

Testo Smart World

Full speed ahead with Testo Smart World.

Increased demands from authorities and customers, greater focus on energy efficiency and sustainability… Meeting these changing conditions requires business intelligence and analysis combined with updated digital skills and curiosity about new technologies. In Testo Smart World, we bring together everything that helps you tackle all the new challenges. Everything we do is based on decades of experience in cooling and heating technology. Everything we do is based on decades of experience in cooling and heating technology. The aim is to give you the best possible conditions to keep up the pace at all times.

Calibration shows your “real” readings

Don’t forget to calibrate your measuring equipment. It provides answers to how your measured values ​​relate to values ​​from highly accurate reference equipment. It also means that you meet the requirements of the Swedish Cooling Standard and the criteria for ISO certifications. We offer both accredited and traceable calibration of a wide range of measurement quantities. Thousands of instruments are calibrated every month in our lab.

Field calibration
Vacuum pumps testo 565i

Just press play.

Imagine that you just give instructions and your tool does the job all by itself. Does that sound like a daydream? Not with Testo and the new testo 565i smart vacuum pump. Just enter target values for vacuum and discharge, including the vacuum hold test, and the whole job will run automatically.

  • Fully automatic emptying with integrated hold test
  • Full safety – even with class A3 and A2L refrigerants
  • Smart configuration and measurement with the app
  • Full connectivity with the entire Testo refrigeration portfolio

Premiered at the Nordbygg fair! Coming in June 2024.

Digital, smart manometer racks

Testo’s new generation of connected and easy-to-use manometer racks streamline commissioning, maintenance and repair of chillers and heat pumps.

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Pressure gauge rack on air source heat pump


Compact, robust and super-fast manometer stand. Explore the testo 557s.

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Manometer stands and the testo Smart app


360 hours of battery life and large memory:
Discover the invisible with testo 570s.

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Application picture with refrigerant scale


Unique scale testo 560i! Automatically charges the right amount of refrigerant.

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Smart, free app for any measurement job.
Turns your phone into a control center.

testo Smart app
testo Smart app with testo SmartProbes

Wireless sensors

  • Proven and appreciated testo Smartprobes
  • Simple and easy without the hassle of cables
  • Rapid control of overheating and undercooling.

Measurement set – 2 pressure sensors and 2 pipe temperature sensors

Voltage measurement in air source heat pump

Measurement on electrical circuits

  • Safe control of components and whole systems
  • Measurement of all electrical parameters

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Leak detection testo 316-3

Leak detection

  • Localization of the smallest leaks for all refrigerants
  • testo 316-3 – universal leak detector for refrigerants
Smartprobes kit for refrigeration

Other measuring instruments

  • Safe control of components and whole systems
  • Measurement of all electrical parameters