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Measure current, voltage and resistancemore reliably and accurately than ever.

Testo sets a new standard for electrical measurement technology, ensuring smooth installations and high electrical safety.

Whether it’s multimeters, clamp-on ammeters or voltage testers, innovative technology and ease of use allow you to perform any measurement task more reliably and accurately than ever before.

Also explore our offer for accredited calibration and service.

Calibration shows your “real” readings

Don’t forget to calibrate your measuring equipment. It provides answers to how your measured values ​​relate to values ​​from highly accurate reference equipment. It also means ensuring the quality of key operations and indoor environments and meeting the criteria for ISO certifications. We offer both accredited and traceable calibration of a wide range of measurement quantities. Thousands of instruments are calibrated every month in our lab.

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Smart digital multimeters

  • Automatic detection of measurement parameters
  • Simple function keys and large illuminated display
  • Measurement of true effective value – TRMS

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Innovative seaweed amperometers

  • Unique gripping mechanism simplifies work in confined spaces
  • Functions for starting current measurement, power measurement and uA measurement
  • Bluetooth for easy use with the testo Smart mobile app

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Combined current and voltage meters

  • Reliable display that shows voltage even at low battery level
  • Starts measuring immediately without any switches or settings
  • Interchangeable measuring tips

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Voltage tester with 360° LED display

  • Complies with DIN EN 61243-3:2010 and CAT III
  • Stop collar for secure grip during measurement
  • Robust construction and unique fiber optics

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Non-contact voltage testers

The testo 745 non-contact voltage tester is suitable for quick initial checks of suspected sources of error.

  • For measurements up to 1 000 V
  • Filters against high-frequency interference signals
  • Adjustable phase or voltage detection.

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Convenient testo Smart app

One app for all instruments and measurement tasks. Free on the App Store and Google Play.