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From beginner to professional: Your new favorite tool.

Unbeatable in daily work. With an equally great price/performance ratio.

There does not have to be a contradiction between price and performance. Both could be just right.

This is what distinguishes thermal images from Testo. They are characterized not only by excellent image quality and many time-saving features, but also a unique price/performance ratio.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional in service, energy measurement or industrial applications, we have thermal imaging cameras for all skills and needs.

Developed for your measurement tasks. And to save valuable time and money.

Preventing costly malfunctions and deficiencies is essential in energy production and especially when it comes to energy distribution. With the help of a thermal camera from Testo, you can quickly and easily detect and analyze thermal irregularities. It ensures efficient production and good delivery security.

Thermal image in electrical installation

For service and building technicians.

  • Ideal for early detection of malfunctions or defects in plant and machinery.
  • Rapid detection of critical thermal conditions (hotspots) during operation
  • Prevent costly damage, downtime and fire risks to plant and machinery.
  • Easy testing of control cabinets, electrical systems and motors
Analysis of thermal images

For energy consultants

  • Analyzing building shells and identifying potential energy savings
  • Find construction defects and ensure building quality – completely contact-free
  • Locate areas at risk of mold quickly and easily
  • Testing heating and installation systems
Thermography of a photovoltaic installation

For photovoltaic installers

  • Carrying out thorough inspections of large photovoltaic installations
  • Quickly detecting thermal anomalies
  • Ensure optimal, efficient operation
  • Ensuring permanent energy distribution

Heating systems and leaks

Locating heat pipes with the testo 883 thermal imaging camera
Thermal image showing heat pipe layout

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can be effectively inspected using a thermal imaging camera. A quick look with the Testo camera is enough to easily detect anomalies:

  • Heat pipes can be located in a non-contact way
  • Installations can be quickly checked
  • Heating systems can be monitored in a safe way

The thermal imaging camera helps you quickly trace heating pipes and find water leaks without having to break up large sections of floor or wall. This saves time and costs. It also avoids making homes and workplaces inaccessible for long periods of time. Read our practical guide!

Inspection in electrical installations

Application picture of thermal imaging in electrical cabinets
Thermal image electrical connection

Incorrect electrical connections or overloads in switching systems, power distribution units and electric motors can lead to costly downtime or even fire damage. About 35% of all fires in industrial companies can be attributed to severely overheated electrical components. If a conductor, a cable or a fuse is defective or if individual components malfunction, this leads to increased transmission resistance and thus unusual heat generation.

Regular inspection of all electrical installations using a Testo thermal imaging camera helps to minimize the risk of breakdowns. This enables immediate detection of both existing faults and potential sources of faults and hazards. An additional advantage of thermography is that in many cases it can be carried out during operation.

Energy efficiency in buildings

Inspection with thermal imaging camera against house wall
Thermal image of houses

Energy efficiency in buildings is becoming increasingly important with ever-rising energy costs. IR measurement with a Testo thermal imaging camera is excellent for quick and efficient detection of energy losses. Possible causes could be, for example:

  • Cold bridges in ceilings, walls and balconies
  • Defective or missing insulation
  • Leaking windows or doors

All problem areas on an exterior wall are visualized in detail in the thermal image. This means you can quickly find errors, easily assess any energy losses and present the measurement results to decision-makers in an understandable way.

Energy efficiency of technical systems

Thermography of technical system
Thermal image of heat pipe system

In technical installations, energy efficiency is also becoming increasingly important. Typically, energy consumption for machinery and piping in manufacturing companies is actually significantly higher than for ventilation systems in buildings. Experience shows that there is great potential for energy savings.

  • In steam and hot water pipes
  • In cold rooms and ceilings
  • When using process heat

With a Testo thermal imaging camera, you can quickly and easily detect problems, as poorly (or not at all) insulated places are immediately visible in a thermal image. Bottlenecks in clogged heating systems also become clearly visible and can be addressed in a targeted way.

Smart features of thermal imaging cameras from Testo

The purchase of a thermal imaging camera is money well spent. Especially if you choose a thermal imaging camera from Testo. Because one thing is certain: you get a lot of performance for your money. Here are some of the many smart features that put these cameras in a class of their own.

testo IRSoft

testo IRSoft

Analysis software for thermography

Free professional software (PC) that allows you to easily analyze IR images on your computer.

testo Thermography apps

testo Thermography app

Working connected and smart

Free app that turns your mobile/tablet into a remote control, second screen and report center.

Connect wirelessly

Wireless measurement

Smooth connection and data transfer

Bluetooth connection to moisture meter and seaweed amperemeter and wireless transmission of measurement data.

testo SuperResolution

testo SuperResolution

Impressive image quality

See more detail thanks to technology that contributes to top-notch images.

testo SiteRecognition

testo SiteRecognition

Automatic identification of measurement sites

This feature saves a lot of time, especially if you take many pictures of similar objects.

Visualize moisture areas

Moisture images

Preventing mould

Moisture and mold are immediately visible in the thermal image thanks to the moisture distribution display mode.

testo ScaleAssist

testo ScaleAssist

Automatic image settings

Automatically sets the optimal thermal image scale. Makes it easier to find construction defects and thermal bridges.

testo ε-Assist

testo ɛ-Assist

Automatic emission value

Emission factor and reflected temperature are set automatically.

Panoramic image assistant

Panorama assistant

Simpler analysis of large objects

Combines multiple images into one easy-to-read image, making it easier to analyze.

Process analysis

Process analysis kit

Identify temperature trends

Radiometric video measurement and sequence storage directly in the thermal camera.

Thermal imaging camera testo 868s right

testo 868s.
Perfect as an entry-level model.

  • The testo 868s thermal imaging camera has everything you need for high-quality thermographic measurements. At the same time, it is affordable and easy to use.
  • Top image quality: IR resolution 160 x 120 pixels (320 x 240 pixels with testo SuperResolution)
  • Temperature differences visible from 0.08 °C
  • Smart documentation with the testo Thermography app
Thermal imaging camera testo 872s right

testo 872s.
Perfect all-round camera.

  • The testo 872s thermal imaging camera gives you the best possible support for your work in professional industrial and building thermography. It is also fast, reliable and smart.
  • Maximum image quality: IR resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (640 x 480 pixels with SuperResolution).
  • Thermal sensitivity of 0,05 °C
  • Smart and wireless measurement and documentation with the testo 770-3 seaweed ammeter or the testo 605i moisture sensor and the testo Thermography app.
Thermal imaging camera testo 883 left

testo 883.
Perfect for all professionals.

  • The testo 883 thermal imaging camera leaves nothing to be desired. Its outstanding image quality and smart features save time and ensure perfect work results.
  • Best image quality: IR resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (640 x 480 pixels with SuperResolution)
  • Thermal sensitivity of 0.04 °C
  • Smart and wireless measurement and documentation with the testo 770-3 seaweed ammeter or the testo 605i moisture sensor and the testo Thermography app.
  • For service technicians: Automatic recognition of measuring points and image management.
  • For energy consultants: Moisture damage risk assessment function with traffic light indication
  • Manual focus and interchangeable optics

So that you can keep an eye on our other cameras too.

A comparison of all Testo thermal imaging cameras.

  • The requirements are different.
  • The price/performance ratio is equally good for all our thermal imaging cameras.
  • And yet… Sometimes it’s the details that matter.

Find technical data on everything from IR resolution to heat sensitivity and time-saving extras in this overview.

Download our Thermography Handbook, which includes everything you need to know about emission factor, reflectance and transmission.

Thermal imaging engine in the thermography manual.