Data loggers – an overview

Temperature checks during transport

For reliable transportation with strict temperature requirements.

It is no secret that the industry in general and the life sciences industry in particular are surrounded by tough regulations. This applies in particular to the transportation of both pharmaceutical substances and finished medicines. testo 184 is a series of robust, reliable and accurate data loggers. They have been developed for reliable logging of measurements during transportation by airplanes, trains and trucks. All models measure temperature in different ranges: from -80 to +70 °C. Some data loggers also measure moisture and shocks. The minimum operating time is 90 days – up to around 500 days when batteries usually need to be replaced. Each logger (except for the smallest model testo 184 T1) can store 40,000-64,000 readings.

testo 184 data logger – main advantages:

Clear display of alarms
Just a glance at the display or LED light is enough to see if the temperatures have been outside the prescribed limits during transportation.

Easy handling
The Testo 184 loggers are intuitive to use and require no prior knowledge or training. Press ‘Start’ to start measuring and ‘Stop’ to finish. It’s as simple as that.

Easy reports
A PDF report is automatically generated as soon as you plug the logger into the USB port of your computer. A convenient solution for your documentation of transport metrics.

Easy configuration
A configuration program is included in each data logger so you can easily configure it without having to download and install anything at an extra cost.

IT secure
The data loggers require no software download and installation, meaning you don’t have to deal with IT issues such as firewalls and virus filters.

Temperature control with data loggers

When transparency offers security

Find out what makes the testo 184 loggers perfect for monitoring during transportation of sensitive products and find the model that suits you.

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Data loggers – an overview

In industry, but also in public buildings and the private sector, it may be necessary to measure different air values. For example, in addition to temperature and humidity, the CO₂ value also provides information on indoor air quality. To ensure a comfortable indoor climate, you need to regularly measure how these values develop. That’s what a data logger is for.

There are also data loggers that can be used to test the optimal conditions for specific products. In particular, temperature loggers are often used. A USB data logger can be very easy to manage. However, there are many different practical solutions.

If you want to buy one or more data loggers, there are various factors that play a role in making your choice:

  • What values can be measured with the instrument?
  • How accurate are the measurements?
  • Can the measurements be repeated?
  • What is the lifespan of the rechargeable battery?
  • Are there subsequent costs involved in using the instrument?
  • What software is included with the instrument?

All products for data monitoring and documentation

Environmental monitoring systems

Uninterrupted monitoring – with a single system.

  • Automated, uninterrupted and integrated documentation of your environmental parameters through redundant security mechanisms.
  • Reduces sources of error throughout the value chain through a high degree of automation.
  • Enables rapid intervention in case of deviations – before they have far-reaching consequences.
  • Software validated according to GAMP5 with included audit log and ERES principle based on the regulatory requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and the EU Annex to the GMP Directive.

WiFi data loggers

WiFi data monitoring
Fully automatic systems with easy installation and operation.

USB data loggers

USB data logger
Comprehensive and reliable data collection.

Temperature data loggers

Data logger for temperature

Practical tools for temperature monitoring.

Moisture data branches

Data loggers for temperature and humidity
Reliable measurement and documentation of moisture and temperature values.

Print data branches

Data logger for pressure
Detailed monitoring of pressure and other values.

CO₂ data loggers

Data logger for CO₂
Ideal for measuring CO2 in homes and work areas.

UV data logger

Data logger for UV and Lux
Effective monitoring and documentation of exposure to light and UV radiation.

Impact/shock data logger

Vibration data logger
Measurement of vibrations for optimal monitoring of transportation.

Product overview

Product advisor data loggers
Find the perfect data logger for your applications and requirements.

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