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Climate monitoring for sensitive indoor environments.

We all have a temperature at which we feel comfortable and at our best. The same applies to paintings, photographs, sculptures, books and documents. But unlike humans, these objects cannot adapt and require stable environments to avoid damage.

Whether for exhibition or storage, indoor climate and air quality are key factors in museums, libraries and archives for the preservation of exhibits and archival material.

Our measuring instruments and systems allow you to ensure optimal climate conditions, helping to protect sensitive and valuable items from mold, fading, rust and other damage.

Also explore our offer for accredited calibration and service.

Calibration shows your “real” readings

Don’t forget to calibrate your measuring equipment. It provides answers to how your measured values ​​relate to values ​​from highly accurate reference equipment. It also means ensuring the quality of key operations and indoor environments and meeting the criteria for ISO certifications. We offer both accredited and traceable calibration of a wide range of measurement quantities. Thousands of instruments are calibrated every month in our lab.

Monitoring in museums with testo 160

Flexible monitoring system testo 160

Measurement of temperature, humidity, light intensity, UV radiation, carbon dioxide and air pressure.

  • Compact and discreet Wi-Fi data loggers without display
  • External sensors for measuring different climate parameters in glass cases
  • Blends in perfectly with any environment thanks to optional customizable covers
  • Wireless and automatic cloud storage of measurement data
  • Automatic alerts via SMS or email if limits are exceeded (advanced cloud service).
  • No software needs to be installed. All you need is a Wi-Fi network.

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Do you need loggers with a display?

The automated monitoring system testo Saveris 2 consists of data loggers
which gives you easy and accurate remote measurement of temperature and humidity in museums.

  • Web-based system: wifi data logger with display
  • Current temperature and humidity values can be read at any time on a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

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Monitoring in museums with data loggers
Monitoring with transport logs

Is real-time data not so important?

The testo 184 transport logger gives you reliable measurement and documentation of events and climatic conditions.

  • For sensitive cargoes
  • Monitors shocks, temperature and humidity
  • Very simple configuration and use

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Surveillance in libraries

Small logs – large number of measurements

The testo 174T and testo 174H mini data loggers provide reliable temperature and humidity measurements in the most challenging environments.

  • Compact and durable with long operating time
  • testo 625 – compact moisture and temperature meter linked to mobile app
  • Stores data in case of power failure
  • Holds 16,000 measurements

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Remote monitoring with cloud service

See temperature and humidity values on your phone

The Celsicom TH600 and TH601A/B are smart measurement boxes with internal and external sensors, respectively, for easy and accurate remote temperature and humidity measurement.

  • Compact, rugged and direct-connected measuring boxes
  • Current measured values at any time via cloud service
  • Reliable thanks to licensed mobile frequency
  • No power supply – battery operation up to one year

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