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Vacuum pumps testo 565i

Just press play.

Turn on, set value, go for it. Automate your vacuum suction with the smart vacuum pump testo 565i.

Discover innovations that take you further.

The new testo 565i enables fully automatic vacuum cleaning of refrigeration systems and heat pumps. The vacuum pump automatically stops the process when the target value is reached and performs a hold test immediately afterwards. All you have to do is start the vacuum and the smart pump will take care of the rest.

testo 565i with smart network function

Intelligent connectivity – smoother workflows.

Maximize every workday with compatible and connected products. Via Bluetooth, you can easily connect the testo 565i with the testo 552i vacuum sensor, the testo Smart app and the Testos manometer stand. It allows you to easily set, control and monitor vacuum suction on a gauge stand – or via your mobile phone wherever you are.

Vacuum pump testo 565i application picture


Integrated check valve provides good protection in case of power failure.

Vacuum pump, end view


Easy oil changes and sight glass for quick oil level assessment.

A3 and A2L compatible product


Also when using flammable A3 and A2L refrigerants.

Products and services

The testo 565i vacuum pump with the testo Smart app

Work more efficiently with the testo Smart app.

  • Easy setting of vacuum suction
  • Updated metrics – even remotely
  • Full overview of vacuum suction
  • Analyzing data with clear charts
  • Easy to create and send measurement reports

Great teams: these measuring instruments are easily connected to the testo 565i.

testo 565i in practice.

Imagine that you just set the vacuum target value and the tool then does the job all by itself. Does this sound like a future dream? Not with Testo and the new testo 565i vacuum pump. Don’t spend unnecessary time vacuuming – let smart technology do the work for you.

IAQ measurement new compact class

Accredited calibration

We offer lab and field calibration of measuring equipment from all brands. We are accredited for the calibration of temperature, humidity, over/under pressure and differential pressure.

Measuring with new compact class pitot tubes


In our well-equipped workshop, we can weld sensors, check for suspected leaks, replace broken screens and circuit boards – to name a few common service issues.

testo 417 application picture intake grid


What do you need help with? You are always welcome to visit, email or call us. We always aim to help you as quickly as possible.

Surface temperature measurement with the new compact class


If you want to learn more about how reliable your measurements are, whether you are using the right measurement method and how to interpret measurement results, you should definitely take a look at our courses.