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Frying oil measurement that contributes to high food quality and low costs.

Frying oil is essential and makes a big difference in cooking. A fresh oil enhances taste sensations and prevents people from getting sick. At the same time, frying oil can be a major expense in the kitchen if it is changed too often. To ensure high food quality and low costs, it is important to accurately measure the quality of the oil at regular intervals. This is where the testo 270 frying oil meter comes in. It’s an intuitive and easy-to-use instrument that clearly signals (literally) when it’s time to change the oil.

Good metrology is the key to high quality

Learn more about frying oil measurement, familiarize yourself with the testo 270 and hear what a customer thinks about the measuring instrument.

Calibration shows your ‘correct’ readings

Don’t forget to calibrate your frying oil meter. It provides information on how the instrument’s TPM value relates to a measurement from a high-accuracy reference device. That is, the calibration shows how “right” your fryer oil meter is. In our fully equipped lab, we can perform traceable calibration of fryer oil meters from Testo and other brands on the market.

What does the TPM value say about the quality of the frying oil?

The more times a frying oil is heated, the more the fat decomposes until it finally becomes inedible. By measuring frying oil, its TPM value can be obtained. TPM stands for Total Polar Materials, which gives you information on the degradation and aging of the frying oil. The value indicates the percentage of contaminants and degradation products in the oil. A high TPM value indicates advanced oxidation and contamination of the oil. This can have a negative impact on the quality of the food (e.g. drying out and burning) and make it harmful to diners. In other words: it may be time to change your frying oil.

TPM curve

*The graph shows the evolution of frying oil. Limit values may vary depending on the type of oil, process and local legislation.

9 – 14 % TPM:
The oil is suitable for cooking.*

14 – 20 % TPM:
Optimal frying range.*

Over 24% TPM:
The oil is no longer fit for human consumption.

“We get good quality and save money

The testo 270 frying oil meter is a popular measuring instrument for many in the food industry. Leon Greiner, Managing Director of Stepanek Butchers, says: “Since we started measuring with the testo 270, we have full control of the frying oil and can use it for longer without compromising the quality of the food. As a result of the measurements, we have reduced the cost of oil by 30-40%!”

Frying oil meter testo 270 NSF

testo 270

  • High food safety with NSF certification
  • Avoid health risks or penalties due to exceeded quality limits
  • Efficient and fast on-site measurement avoids expensive laboratory measurements.
  • Set the ideal frying temperature
0554 2650 Reference oil

Reference oil

Reference oil 100 ml for calibration and adjustment of frying oil meters. The TPM value of the oil is about 20 %. Shelf life opened package 7 months.

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White paper on testo 270

Learn how you can measure the quality of your frying oil, reduce your consumption of frying oil and save money.

Practical guide on frying oil (in English)

Practical guide

Practical guide (in English) on handling frying oil. Lots of good tips and knowledge.